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Brooke Leigh Thorne

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PressHeartToContinue, Dodger



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Also known as Dodger, Brooke is the current holder of two successful YouTube channel’s, although her main channel revolving around gaming holds 824k which is more than double the number of subscribers of her secondary account. Brooke is an American video gamer, streamer and Vlogger who makes weekly gaming news videos and Let’s Plays.

Brooke focusses more on her main channel, in which she mostly posts “Gaming Newz” and ensures there is at least one post every Sunday. She also mentions that she posts “anime bullshit 24/7 and Welcome to the Fandom when she is feeling inspired.

Brooke is also one of the four members of a weekly manga podcast called “Mangapod Book Club,” in which she and 3 other YouTubers get together and discuss manga together live, then post it immediately after to one of their channels.

Not only does she sell her own merch (which you can find here), she is the co-owner of a coffee company called “Dodger Coffee Co.” You can find her coffee products by clicking here.

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Brooke recently had her first child in 2018 and loves to show off her beautiful baby boy ever since. Family time seems to be very important to her and this is evident by her Insta photos with her immediate family and extended. She also shows some love for her cats as well.

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If you’re into gaming then stick to Brooke’s main channel, but if you want to catch her vods from her Twitch streaming, check out her secondary YouTube channel, “DexBonus.” Either way, lots of material to check out!

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