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Piper Rockelle – Famousss.com Piper Rockelle – Famousss.com

piper rockelle

Piper Smith Rockelle

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Piper Rockelle



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Piper Smith Rockelle (born: August 21, 2007 [Age 11] is a rising internet sensation that always has a huge following. Already in the spotlight at such a young age, her audience seems primed and ready to follow her on her journey. They’re even starting to speculate out this young star’s love life!

Piper Rockelle Early Beginnings

Before making it as an internet sensation, Piper Rockelle was a beauty queen. Her radiant personality and charming looks won over judges alike. Performing in front of crowds gave Piper a solid foundation in the entertainment biz. From an early age, her stage presence shined through, and it became painfully obvious that the budding starlet was destined for greater things.

Piper Rockelle and Tik Tok

Shortly after her pageant career, Piper looked toward a different path to stardom. She signed up for Musical.ly. On this platform, Piper Rockelle put her dance moves on display. With her lip synchs on point, fluid movements, and neck pops, Piper became a force to reckoned with. After the Musical.ly explosion, the app was turned into Tik Tok. Now, Piper reaches more audiences than ever. Riding the wave of that success, she integrated the app with her YouTube page, which she opened in 2016.

Piper Rockelle YouTube Success

There’s more to Piper Rockelle than just Tik Tok comp vids. She is very interactive with her followers. Piper is well-known for her challenges like the Igorning My Boyfriend for 24-Hours Challenge and You Draw It, I’ll Buy It Challenge. The starlet even went as far as letting her Instagram followers control her life for 24 hours! What captivates people about Piper is her openness. She loves to take part of Q&As. It allows her followers a glimpse into where all the madness get created. Plus, it allows her to show off her goofy side. Piper’s personality is an odd one, and it’s a good thing. Her love for pranks cause infectious laughter from viewers, friends, and family. This personality also caught the eye of producers. Now Piper is starting to foray into ventures outside of YouTube as well.

Piper Rockelle Outside of YouTube

With her star rising, movie and television studios are chomping at the bit to get Piper on their screen. Her comedic timing and facial expressions captivate any screen. Since she’s been in the entertainment business her whole life, she is more than ready to take the next step into Hollywood. Her first non-YouTube role is in the show, Mani, which is going into its fourth season. Piper plays the character Sky alongside Hayley LeBlanc, who plays Harmony. Mani is a part of the Brat digital network. This is a who’s who in young female content. This streaming channel offers regular feature programming around Piper and Hayley, as we all Annie LeBlanc, Mackenzie Ziegler, Lilia Buckingham, and Anna Cathcart. While Mani has offered Piper a steady income, she is fielding other offers as well. She has landed roles in feature films including Dark Eyes and Sitting in the ’20s.

Piper Rockelle Personal Life

Piper was raised by a single mother, Tiffany. Not much is known about her parents, especially her dad. However, we can confirm that her mother ran a cat rescue program. During her time working for the program, Tiffany managed to save and house 100 cats! It’s obvious Piper is tight with her family. She absolutely loves to share the spotlight with her family–namely her two older brothers–Tyler Ray Hill and Hunter Ray Hill. Hunter, himself, has quite the following with 88K followers. He also works with Piper on merchandise curating and influencer outreaches. Like his younger sibling, he also has quite the following on Tik Tok, although the numbers don’t compare to Piper’s by any stretch. While she spread a lot of love to her family, there is no one she pays more attention to than her boyfriend–Hayden Hass. With the mantra of #DoItForTheVlog, her brother, Hunter, handcuffed Piper to Hayden. They were together for 24 hours. During the video, Hunter kept pressuring Piper to admit that Hayden was her boyfriend. She finally cracked and said yes. Since then, Piper has denied that she is dating Hayden. However, that hasn’t stopped her from using the boyfriend tag in videos and even making a post dedicated to catfishing her man to see if he would cheat.

Piper Rockelle Future

If you follow Piper Rockelle on Instagram, it’s easy to see she has a knack for modeling. It’s like the pageantry has never left her. She commands top dollar for posts that link to fashion sites. You can expect to see much more of her in editorial pieces. Who knew, maybe the 4’8″ starlet will turn into a runway model in her teenage years? The sky is the limit for Piper Rockelle.

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