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Pink Sparkles – Famousss.com Pink Sparkles – Famousss.com


Izzy G

Also known as

Pink Sparkles



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How she only has 55k YouTube subscribers to date is beyond me. You take one look at this 24 year old American beauty and you’ll wonder why yourself. She is most popularly known for her competitive League of Legends streams on Twitch and IRL moments.

It isn’t too often you’ll catch Izzy without a crap ton of cleavage showing so as long as Twitch keeps allowing it, she will continue to flaunt what she has as that is probably a big reason she brings in a lot of views to Twitch. Her YouTube uploads get tons of hits as well, which is no surprise when her massive tits are just popping out and she posts videos like “building a booty.” Spoiler alert, her boobs aren’t the only area that’ll make your jaw drop.

Pink Sparkles Pictures

Oh man, is it hot in here or is it just me? Izzy loves to post some pretty seductive photos to her Instagram account, showing off her busty chest and peachy booty. It is clear that she is extremely into fitness and even loves to try on different outfits to get the opinions of her fans. There are even some booty progress pics to brighten up your day.

Pink Sparkles Videos

Her YouTube channel has a lot of game highlights from her Twitch streams (League of Legends mostly) and several other types of videos related to fitness, general advice and Q&A sessions. It doesn’t matter what she is talking about, I know my attention is elsewhere that’s for sure.

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