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Pamcakes – Famousss.com Pamcakes – Famousss.com



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Newark, New Jersey

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Pamcakes, or Pam, is a Twitch streamer, dog mom and can eat an entire tub of ice cream in one sitting. At least that’s what she claims but we’d like to see her prove that. Pam was born and raised in Brazil so she is fluent in Portuguese but currently resides in New Jersey although states it hopefully won’t be for much longer.

Of all the successful females we have listed, Pamcakes may have the least active YouTube channel with just under 2k subscribers to her channel and only 3 posted uploads. She admits herself that she is more of a Twitch streamer rather than a YouTuber, as she has been active on that platform since 2008. You will find that she mainly plays World of Warcraft but has been streaming more Nintendo Switch games lately to please her Nintendo fans.

Pamcakes Pictures

If there is one chick that can rock bangs in 2019, it is this one right here. Whether it’s with a bun, pig tails, or a straight/curly do, this brunette looks absolutely stunning in the abundance of selfies she takes. Some even include her 2 dogs, Oliver and Beau. It also helps that she has the cutest smile.

Pamcakes Videos

Extremely little on her YouTube channel, and we are talking literally 3 uploads with most recent being 3 years ago. Any videos you want to catch would have to be on her Twitch account, which are mostly of World of Warcraft gameplay streams.

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