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This blonde bombshell is a fitness instructor and influencer who is melting hearts all across social media. Paige Hathaway is a brown-eyed beauty who preaches body positivity. She has lived all over the United States and helped inspire to lose weight along the way, including the 3.9 million who follow her @paigehathaway Instagram account. This 33-year-old model is quickly becoming one of the highest-earning models on social media, making Paige Hathaway a no-brainer to live the life of the Famousss.

Paige Hathaway’s Net Worth

Paige Hathaway is a top-earning social media celebrity. She is a burgeoning entrepreneur who inspires women to be their best. While Paige Hathaway is already a millionaire, we expect her to become a multi-millionaire in the next few years. As of 2021, Paige Hathaway’s net worth is $6,000,000.

Paige earns most of her income from memberships on This site has various programs to help women get into better shape. 

Some of Paige Hathaway’s most popular programs include:

  • Fit In Five Weeks Challenge
  • LIV Body Supplements
  • Ebooks
  • Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmers

Paige Hathaway is also a well-paid covergirl. She has graced the covers of some of the most coveted magazines in the world.

You can peep Paige Hathaway on the covers of:

  • Oxygen
  • Women’s Health
  • Inside Fitness 
  • Fitness Gurls
  • Train For Her
  • MOST 
  • Livid Magazine
  • Dakini Magazine
  • Muscular Development 
  • And More

Paige Hathaway also has a highly successful YouTube page. The Official Paige Hathaway YouTube page has 132k subscribers, with each video amassing 75,000-100,000 viewers. She eans a decent portion of her net worth due to YouTube ad revenues. 

Paige Hathaway is also a social media influencer. She has worked with the agency Social Stance. 

Also, Paige has endorsed products, like:

As Paige continues to grow her brand, almost every post is a promoted ad. She’s going to be popping up in your feeds a lot more often, and we’re here for it!

Paige Hathaway’s Family & Early Life

Paige Hathaway is a true inspiration. She has been through a lot and came out stronger because of it. 

Paige Marie Hathaway was born on July 31, 1987, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This Leo was not born in a stable household. Her father was a severe alcoholic who left the family destitute. At 4-years old, her parents separated and got in a very traumatic custody battle. 

Scared of losing Paige, her mother broke a court order and took Paige to Texas to live with a man her mother met online. The police tracked the two down and gave Paige’s grandmother custody. 

This ping pong lifestyle would follow Paige to foster homes and different family members’ houses. 

A sad child, Paige would put her energy into sports. She was a very competitive soccer player and played it throughout her high school career. 

Although she had a bad childhood, Paige was a decent student. She graduated and went to college. Paige initially enrolled to become a dentist but transitioned into sports medicine, which is the study where she earned her degree. 

During college, a local gym trainer kept telling Paige to compete in fitness modeling. At the time time, she was already busy juggling schooling and partying with her sorority sisters. 

Once she got over the sorority phase, she decided to devote the extra time to fitness modeling. The rest is history for Paige Hathaway. 

Paige Hathaway’s Rise to Fame

Paige Hathaway was an instant success in the fitness modeling world. One of the first competitions was the 2011 Ronnie Coleman Classic, where Paige Hathaway came in second! The next year, she won the FLEX August 2013 Bikini Model Search Winner.

Some professional victories include:

  • 2011 Ronnie Coleman Classic Class C, 2nd
  • 2012 NPC Oklahoma City Grand Prix Class D, 2th
  • 2013 NPC USA Championships Class D, 16th
  • 2013 NPC Junior USA Championships, 14th 

During this time, Paige would document her journey on social media. People really got inspired by her body transformation and positive attitude. 

This connection caught the eyes of publications, including Women’s Health. However, they wouldn’t shoot Paige at first because the star wasn’t represented by an agency. 

So, Paige continued to put together portfolios and mailing them out to people. Thankfully, Shredz, a supplement company, brought her on as an ambassador. This opportunity gave her a professional company to put on her resume, which opened the door for Women’s Health and other cover gigs. 

Seeing that she’s strongly connected with others, Paige decided to start her wellness program. Now, she has a devoted following, ourselves included. 

Hey, it’s worked for other Famousss stars, too, like Tiffany HartZeniab Harake, and Ian McAlister. So, why not?

Paige Hathaway’s Relationships

Paige Hathaway is engaged to Jason Moritz Sebastian. Jason Mortiz is also a fitness trainer and has his own apparel company. 

Paige Hathaway and Jason Moritz Sebastian have a daughter named Presley Sebastian

As Ian explained on Mother’s Day 2021 in a heartwarming post,

“Happy Mother’s Day to the most incredible mom @presleysebastian and I could ever ask for! I am so incredibly proud of you for so many things that you do and are but they all pale in comparison to how great of a mother you are to our daughter! After all you give to the other areas of life you manage to find the energy and time to give even more to her. It is truly amazing! 😍We love you so much and appreciate all you do!”

Ian Moritz and Paige Hathaway have a solid bond and are not going to break up any time. We can’t wait to see their wedding pics. 

In the past, Paige Hathaway dated Bachelor and Bachelorette star Chase McNary. They dated briefly in 2017.

Paige Hathaway’s Rumors and Controversies 

Paige Hathaway and Jason Mortiz Sebastian live in two cities, Portland, Oregon, and Dallas, Texas. They were renovating their Dallas, Texas home, and got burglarized. 

As Paige Hathaway told Dallas News,

“They stole almost every piece of jewelry that I own.”

Many people criticized her for living a lavish life. However, she’s been through some things and has earned every bit of it. Thankfully, Paige brushes off the haters and does her.

Other Notable Facts About Paige Hathaway

Paige Hathaway has a very strict diet schedule. However, she does allow one cheat day. On her cheat day, Paige Hathaway likes to eat pizza, chocolate, and Froyo.

Red bell peppers are Paige Hathaway’s favorite food.

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