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Sonja Reid

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Toronto, Canada

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This “full-time dragon slayer, part time sniper, vodka enthusiast and programmer” quickly evolved from programming video games to making a career playing them and has been one of the most successful female videogames broadcasters on Twitch.

She likes making videos and acting like she’s 12, according to her, and her YouTube channel that currently holds 775k subscribers consists of a crap ton of random vlogs on whatever she’s feeling that day.

Sonja is also into gaming, more so League of Legends and Minecraft but says she will play anything in between if requested to. She attempts to stream on Twitch every Thursday and Sunday, but mentions that it isn’t always gaming and more so enjoys IRL/hanging out/talking about weird shit with all her viewers.

Sonja has her own merch so if you’re looking to support, check it out here.

OMGitsfirefoxx Pictures

Sonja loves hanging out with her friends, adorable cat, and of course her current boyfriend and fellow YouTuber, Nick Sanchez. Sonja seems to have changed her hair color to pink as of recently and it definitely suits her well. We can also see that she has a great taste in cars!

OMGitsfirefoxx Videos

It doesn’t seem like Sonja is too consistent with her YouTube videos as of lately as her most recent video was back in December of 2018.

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