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Olivia Ponton – Famousss.com Olivia Ponton – Famousss.com

Olivia Ponton SI swimsuit model

Olivia Ponton

Also known as

Olivia Marie/Liv



Birth Place

Naples. FL

Birth Sign




Net Worth




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This blonde-haired, brown-eyed hottie is a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and motivational speaker. Olivia Ponton, also known as Olivia Marie, or simply Liv, is represented by Wilhelmina USA models. She is starting to really take off in her modeling career, garnering 6 million followers on her @iamoliviaponton TikTok account and 3.1 million followers on her @olivia.ponton Instagram account. With those numbers and friends like Charly Jordan, no wonder why Olivia Marie is living the life of the Famousss

Olivia Ponton’s Net Worth 

Olivia Marie Ponton is on her way to becoming a millionaire. Currently, Olivia Ponton’s net worth is $800,000.

Liv makes her living by being a contracted talent with Wilhelmina USA. Through their contacts, she has traveled the world to create content.

As her following continued to grow, Olivia Marie became a bonafide influencer. She was brought onto represent many top social brands. 

Companies that have worked with Olivia Marie include:

With growing interest in all things Liv, Olivia Marie launched the official Olivia Ponton YouTube page on June 9, 2020. Although she doesn’t have a lot of content yet, she already has 144,000 followers. Each video averages around 150,000 views, which qualifies her to earn revenue on YouTube ads. 

In late 2020, Olivia Ponton dabbled in designing. The starlet collaborated with White Shore Swim to create form-fitting and sexy bikinis. 

This covergirl also graced the cover of the March 2021 Model Liste Magazine. She was photographed coming out of the ocean to grace what is called the “Creativity Issue.”

Olivia Ponton’s Early Life & Family 

Not much is known about this star’s life before she became one of the Famousss. Olivia Marie Ponton was born on May 30, 2002, in Naples, Florida. She attended Naples High School growing up.

The Gemini has a sister, who she says is a worse driver than Liv.

We don’t know much about her parents other than that they are an interracial couple. Her mother is Thai, and her dad is French Canadian. Together, they made a heck of a beauty. 

Olivia Ponton’s Rise to Fame

Olivia Marie’s rise to fame was unexpected for the star. She never really considered modeling. As a child, she was an athlete, namely a track star. Since Olivia felt like a tomboy, she didn’t even consider getting in front of the camera.

Olivia launched her Instagram account in June 2016. As she got near graduation, she started to really lean up. The star started posting content all around Naples.  

When she graduated from Naples High School, Olivia Ponton planned to attend FIU. However, local businesses started contacting the budding athlete about modeling their clothes. This organic growth really got her considering a change in career paths. 

Olivia attended Miami Swim Week in 2019. So many people walked up to her to see which agency she belonged to. Everyone was shocked that she wasn’t signed. 

Olivia Marie ended up swapping contacts with a female agent. She was flown out to California for a shoot and fell in love with modeling. 

With more outlets picking up on the star, she started getting featured in larger social media ad campaigns. Her rising popularity caught the eye of many key content creators. She even made content with the Hype House, whose alums include Famousss stars Addison Rae and Charli D’Amelio.

This stamp of approval was enough that top talent scouts needed to realize she was a real star. That’s when Olivia Ponton got signed to Wilhelmina USA.

Olivia Ponton’s Relationships

Olivia Ponton is currently single. She is focusing on her career right now. In 2020, she dated content creator Kio Cyr. However, their relationship ended by the time 2020 did. 

About the break-up, Olivia Ponton told Entertainment Tonight,

Being so young and going through all of it at once, I was like, ‘Whoa! This is a lot to take,'” she explained. “He was my first boyfriend too. It was a lot to take in.”

She was also rumored to be with Harry Jowsey. Based on some talks he’s had with Julia Rose, Harry is probably a good-time boy. However, there is no spark. 

Olivia Marie said about Harry Jowsey,

“People ship me with Nate, but he’s literally my roommate. There’s nothing going on there. We’re just friends. He’s literally my big brother… He’s literally my roommate.”

We’ll have to see, Liv!

Olivia Ponton’s Rumors & Controversies 

Olivia Ponton is like the girl next door. She exudes positivity and tries to preach it to others, too. Her @iamoliviaponton Twitter account has many positive affirmations that she posts to her 452,000 followers. 

To get away from rumors and controversies, Olivia Ponton,

“Really kind of stopped looking at my comment section [and] seeing what people do actually say about me. I’ve kind of just been trying to get at peace with myself, because I think if you’re at peace with yourself then what other people say about you shouldn’t affect the way you feel about yourself.”

Sounds like good advice. Maybe more of us should stop reading the troll comments!

However, Olivia can’t get away completely clean. TikTok user Hannah Kosh claims that Olivia’s relationship with Kaila Novak is all fake and only for cameras. Olivia hasn’t even dignified this accusation with a response.

Other Notable Facts About Olivia Ponton

Olivia Ponton is training to play the piano. 

This star got her wisdom teeth removed in 2019. It really hurt her and she made multiple videos talking about the pain she experience post-procedure. 

She really likes to shop until she drops. Urban Outfitters is one of her favorite stores. 

Olivia Ponton writes nice messages to herself on post-it notes and places them on her mirror. She does this to help her remain positive and happy every morning. 

Olivia Ponton is obsessed with health. Not only does she workout daily (and post about it), but she also takes so many vitamins every day:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin C
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • Women’s Supercharge Multi-Vitamins

In her spare time, Olivia Marie likes to do boxing and kickboxing. 

She is really big on clean eating and tries to stay away from sweets and fast food. You can even watch her cook healthy meals on her YouTube channel. However, Olivia has a soft spot for Sprite and McDonald’s. We have a hard spot for her! 

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