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This Playboy model-turned-TikTok comedian is setting the world on fire hotter than her bright red hair. Nina Marie Daniele is a 27-year-old influencer known to her 3.1 million TikTok followers as Nina Drama. This natural brunette tantalizes viewers with her deep brown eyes and wins them over with a ton of laughs. Beauty and personality? It’s no wonder why this Pelham, New York native is such a sought out member of the Famosusss.

Nina Drama’s Net Worth

There’s nothing dramatic about Nina Drama’s net worth. She is a bonafide millionaire…and then some. The net worth of Nina Drama is $1,500,000…and that number is going to keep on rising.

Nina Drama is a professional model who has started transitioning into comedic TikToks. She finds a good balance between showing her personality while still acting like a sultry Famousss star

The @ninadrama TikTok page has 3.1 million followers. 

You can catch her making content for:

As of January 2022, her TikTok page has over 69 million cumulative likes. She averages around 750k views per video, with her most popular peaking around 4 million spins. 

Most of her TikTok content gets repurposed on Nina Drama’s @ninamariedaniele Instagram account that has over 1 million followers. She has a verified blue checkmark.

Additionally, Nina Drama has 10k subscribers to her official YouTube channel. These videos average between 2-5k views. So, she’s making some ad revenue for her more popular content. 

Nina Drama’s Family & Early Life

Nina Marie Daniele was born on December 27, 1988, in Pelham, New York. This Capricorn grew up with a tight-knit Christian family in this New York City suburb. 

Not much is known about Nina Drama’s parents. She is of mixed ethnicity. Her mother is Italian, and her father is Brazilian. Nina’s modeling contracts identify her as a Caucasian. 

It is unknown whether Nina Drama has siblings.

Growing up, Nina was a big fan of writing. She thought she was going to be an author. 

Nina Drama’s Rise to Fame

Nina Drama had trouble adapting to high school. She really enjoyed fashion, photography, and modeling. So, the star kept to herself. She would take pictures and express herself through art and writing.

The star had difficulty getting into college, as she stated,

“I fell asleep during the SATAs. Every test I’ve ever taken, I left the last page blank. It was only my abilities to express my thought semi-skillfully via pen and paper that helped me get by.”

Thinking she wouldn’t make it to college, Nina considered a career with the Air Force. However, she ended up enrolling in school and earning a degree in Creative Writing with a concentration in Poetry. While her mind opened the door for her career, it’s Nina Drama’s body that would bust it wide open!

Nina Drama’s Rise to Fame

A career in creative writing doesn’t always pay well. So, Nina Marie Daniele started thinking about how she could supplement her career. In 2011, she decided to dabble in modeling. 

She would get gigs here and there but didn’t really gain any traction until 2017. That’s when like other Famousss stars Ana CheriKayleigh SwensonDingleDerper, and Legendary Lea, Nina Drama would earn herself some Playboy credits.  

 The star auditioned for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. While she didn’t get the role, Playboy editors had bigger plans for Nina. They actually featured her as the Playmate of the Month in April 2017. 

Since then, Nina appeared in Playboy Germany in June 2019. However, she started transitioning to higher-end modeling gigs through top agencies, such as One Management and Elite Models Management.

Nina Drama was cast in big-time productions, including: 

  • Roen Beauty Campaign
  • PSavage Fenty UXTRA Campaign 
  • Fredericks of Hollywood Bridal Collection
  • Michael Kors Middle East Edit Collection
  • LA Models Polaroids/Portraits

In 2021, Nina Drama teamed up with Snoop Dogg. Unlike Woah Vicky, Nina Drama’s collab with Snoop Dogg didn’t end with drama. It was a much more laid-back, pot-friendly session like the one Snoop Dogg had with Doggface

Nina Drama’s Relationships

Nina Drama is in a long-term relationship with Jhanelle Castillo. He is also a model, and his @jhanellecastillo Instagram account has over 38k followers. 

Nina Marie Daniele and Jhanelle Castillo have been together for over 11 years. This self-described “direct person” recalls asking him for his phone number. Jhanelle Castillo and Nina Drama began dating on June 26, 2010.

What snagged Nina was Jhanelle’s confidence. As the hottie explained about her boo,

“There’s a difference between pseudo-confidence and honest confidence. I can see through both in the first 30 seconds. I’m from New York – you can’t get anything past me.”

Jhanelle has supported all of Nina’s wishes, including posing for Playboy. She was nervous he would be upset. Since she really wanted to do the shoot, she even considered doing it if he said “no.” Thankfully for her (and us), he didn’t, and we saw the goods!

We all wish to take Nina Drama out on a date, but we can’t. However, if she were to become single again – she doesn’t want a planned date. The star likes spontaneity. 

As she’s said,

” If we vibe, we vibe. We could be walking through the city for hours, just talking and losing track of time. If we could do that, and I’m interested and don’t want the night to end, then I want to see you again!”

We would vibe with you any time, bb. If things go wrong with Jhanelle, hit us up!

Nina Drama’s Rumors and Controversies 

You would think that with a name like “Nina Drama,” that drama would follow this Famousss star around. However, Nina Drama keeps it pretty squeaky. However, we’ll keep you updated about any rumors or controversies about Nina Drama. 

Other Notable Facts About Nina Drama

Nina Drama and Jhanelle Castillo were photographed in a Hudson Jeans campaign together. 

She is an avid UFC fan. Nina Drama’s favorite UFC stars include Nate Diaz and Cris Cyborg, who she’s been known to call “a bad bitch.”

Nina hates when guys get creepy. She says many men hold onto hugs for far too long. The star also says that men need to check their body language and that real creepers lick their lips while talking to her. 

She also drags guys for horrible pick-up lines. The worst she was ever asked was if someone could drink her bathwater. 

Nina Drama’s guilty pleasures include eating cereal on the couch while watching trashy reality TV reunions. 

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