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Mr Beast – Famousss.com Mr Beast – Famousss.com

Jimmy D. Donaldson

Also known as

Mr Beast



Birth Place

Greenville, North Carolina, United States

Birth Sign




Net Worth



6' 3"

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Jimmy D. Donaldson is known to the world as MrBeast. For old-school fans of MrBeast, they may even know Jimmy Donaldson as MrBeast6000. Donaldson runs his own YouTube channel from his home in Greenville, North Carolina. Along with his roommate, Chris, they make videos on video gaming.

MrBeast posts a lot of content where he raises money for female Twitch streamers. His biggest following surrounds Fornite videos. When he isn’t doing video game-related content, MrBeast centers his videos around random tasks, challenges, and thoughts.

Before becoming a top video game streamer, MrBeast gained most of his YouTube notoriety much in thanks to the series, Worst Intros on YouTube. With around 70 videos in this series, MrBeast goes on rants against the worst intro videos on YouTube. Unfortunately, most of his verbal tirades are aimed at younger folks in the world of creating streamable content. Nowadays, trolls make bad intros just so they can be ridiculed and featured on MrBeast’s program.

As the series started to lost its luster, MrBeast retired the videos in the series. On March 28, 2018, he made all of the videos private. Instead, MrBeast created one big compilation of these Worst Intros on YouTube videos. This has quickly rose to his top three most popular videos on YouTube. This is quite the feat in such a small amount of time, especially considering how MrBeast has over eight million followers.

With the shutdown of Worst Intros on YouTube, MrBeast started vlogging more random videos about his own life. He tries to break world records and experiments theories. For instance, he once created a video called Destroying My Friend’s Car And Surprising Him With A New One and another named Can 20,000 Magnets Catch A Bullet Mid Air?

The biggest controversy surrounding MrBeast is many think he makes clickbait videos. For one, he’s been accused of creating multiple fake gift card giveaways.

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