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Morgan Hudson

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Sheffield, England

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Morgan Hudson (born: August 6, 2001 [age 17]) is a British online vlogger and gamer known the world over as Morgz. In his short life, he’s seen a lot of success and controversy. Yet, he still remains one of the top 500 YouTube pages and one of the premiere gaming pages on the platform.

Morgz Early Beginnings 

While Fortnite is now his jam, Morgz started his career off by creating a YouTube page called LegendaryGamersHD. On this channel, he played all of the hits, including:

  • Minecraft
  • Call of Duty
  • FIFA

As his popularity grew, Morgz continued to find his identity. He decided to change his handle to AngryGamerHD. This evolution saw an increase of viewership, hitting well past 100 subscribers. Once he hit 1,000 subscribers, Morgan Hudson thought it was time for a change. It came in another name change that would define his character forever–MorgzGaming.

The Growth of MorgzGaming 

As Morgan fleshed out the Morgz character, he tried to create content that would make viewers keep coming back. He started doing a couple of series known as Outlast and Shout Out Sunday. With viewership up, he changed his name once again to ItsMorgz. The growth of ItsMorgz saw the star hit 14,000 subscribers. That magical number enabled him to start releasing merchandise.

His first shirt coincided with a contest on his YouTube page. Due to his love for Diet Coke, he designed a T-shirt emblazoned with the words, “On the Diet Coke Grind.” The release of the shirt prompted him to start a Diet Coke Challenge that went viral.

Morgz and FIFA

During the ItsMorgz era, his love for FIFA started to take center stage. He gained a lot of notoriety for his 3:00 AM FIFA uploads. As FIFA popularity exploded, so did Morgz’s. He reached 40,000 subscribers during this 2016 era.

Finally, ItsMorgz made his last transition to date. He dropped the “It’s” moniker and left it simple with Morgz. With the name change, he pretty much focused all of his content on FIFA. This change in direction saw a spike in viewership go from 40,000 subscribers to 100,000 in just a month.

Morgz set his first record with a video called FIFA 17!!! This upload saw 2 million views within a couple of days. That monumental moment saw his subscriber rate jump from 160,000 to a whopping 200,000.

Morgz and Pokemon Go!

We’re all guilty of the Pokemon Go! craze. Morgz just might be a bit more guilty. However, his exuberance over Pokemon Go! has seen great rewards for his channel.

The most popular video on Morgz’s page is called,  “MY BEST POKEMON CATCH!!! – POKEMON GO! – SO MANY CP 1,000+ Pokemon!”  This video saw six million views within one week.

FIFA and Pokemon Go! were catalysts for bigger things for this star. His numbers jumped to 500,000. As a celebration, he introduced his mother, Jill Hudson, to the audience. She has become a staple in his videos since this milestone moment.

Since then, Morgz’s mom has a bit of a cult following. In fact, she has her own page, MorgzMom. His father, Darren, has also been in a couple of Morgz’s videos.

Morgz the Vlogger

When he hit 750,000 viewers, Morgz decided to play around with creating different types of content. He started to do vlogs that consisted of DIY videos, commentaries on society, and challenges. During this time period, his numbers rose from 7000 subscribers to 1,400,000. His increase in viewership led the star to release his most popular video to date, “I kept this a secret all my life… (Webbed Toes).” This odd video has over seven million views to date.

Growing in popularity, Morgz started to travel. He made videos and gave challenges from Cyprus. His vacation on YouTube saw an increase in subscribers that went from 1,800,000 to 2,200,000.

The Fall of Morgz

With such a long upward trajectory, Morgz was blindsided when his channel declined in viewership. By the end of 2017, the star was having difficulty reaching 200,000 views per video. Since his new ideas weren’t generating new subscribers, he went back to the well. Morgz regained some of his popularity by making videos about Song Lyric Text pranks. The video received millions of hits.

While he was treading water, the downward fall continued. Morgz was accused of having clickbait titles. This practice was especially evident in his now private Shout Sunday series.

A lot of the clickbait rumors surrounded Morgz’s mom. YouTuber, Kavos, said Morgz portrays his mother as a sexual predator. This accusation was in response to Morgz releasing a video called, “MY MUM HAD SEX WITH ME WHEN I WAS 12.”

Around this time, MorgzMum’s page was suspended for ten hours. The page was accused of bullying.

During this controversial period, another video of Morgz surfaced. This time Morgz was with PewDiePie. The video was brought up once again, referencing Morgz having sex with mom at 12.

What further concerned people is the fact that younger people tend to be Morgz’s demographic. He is very loud and over-exaggerates his commentary in videos.

The actions of Morgz has drawn the ire of:

  • Kavos
  • Pyrocynical
  • ImAllex
  • MrBeast
  • Keemstar

ImAllex went as far as to create a video to show Morgz to be a fraud. Titled, “TIPPING PIZZA DELIVERY GUYS FOR EVERY KILL IN FORTNITE,” ImAllex insists the popular Morgz video features a fake pizza delivery guy. He also threw Morgz under the bus for his,

“f**king mid-roll ads he put in the damn video.”

With all of these controversies, Morgz continued to create content. As they say, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. When Fortnite blew up, so did Morgz.

Morgz and Fortnite Success

Just as it seemed like his career was toast, Morgz made a comeback with Fortnite. With the Fortnite craze, Morgz doubled down on his childish content. He makes even more over-exaggerated videos that younger generations find entertaining. This strategy has proven to be bread-and-butter for the gamer.

One of the most popular videos is called, “Kid Spends $500 on FORTNITE with Mom’s Credit Card… [MUST WATCH].” In this video, Morgz purchased the complete Fortnite: Season 4 Battle Pass. However, he used his mother’s credit card. To add to the drama, his mother catches onto the scheme in the video.

With the entire Fortnite: Season 4 Battle Pass downloaded, he surely made the money back. Immediately, the star offered up many challenges to his viewers. As each challenge came and went, the star’s numbers skyrocketed.

With the challenges, Morgan started to show his mother and girlfriend, Kiera Bridget, more. This tactic drew even more criticisms between Morgz and other YouTube stars. They felt the content came off as scripted as ever. The challenges had no real consequences and the situations seemed unrealistic. It seems his partners on YouTube are out to bury Morgz once and for all.

Morgz Controversy with Kodak wK

The first round of controversy Morgz experienced is nothing compared to 2018. Kodak wK took great liberties in exposing Morgz as a fraud. He goes over the thumbnails and titles of the videos and compares it to the content that actually featured in these pieces. Angry, Kodak wK accuses Morgz of manipulating his young viewers. Crying “clickbait,” Kodak wK even calls Morgz out for using thumbnails that allege underage sex with his girlfriend, Kiera.

Kodak wK also expressed disgust over a prank video involving MorgzMum. In the video, Morgz was under a blanket with Kiera on a bed. MorgzMum walked in to see this, and then she was informed she was pranked. However, the set up of the cameras and tripods in the video expose that MorgzMum is fully aware there is a prank going on. This indication further drives home the fact that Morgz’s pranks are scripted.

Morgz Controversy with MrBeast

Next, Morgz was accused of copying a fellow gamer, MrBeast. A Tweet from Chandler Hallow, who works with MrBeast, let the gaming giant know that there was a copycat in town. From there, Chandler uploaded screenshots that compare the content of Morgz to that of MrBeast.

The case brought up was when Morgz spent 24 hours in jello, which had its own criticisms for being clearly staged. The 24 hours in jello is a clear ripoff of MrBreast spending 24 hours in slime.

MrBeast remained diplomatic on the situation when he commented,

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

While MrBeast took the higher road, other YouTubers weren’t as gracious. For instance, FaZe Banks felt that MrBeast was “too nice” about the situation. FaZe felt that this was a clear case of ripping off another YouTube talent who had a much bigger following.

While MrBeast appreciated the others getting upset on his behalf, he truly remained unfazed by FaZe. As MrBeast explained, he would be a hypocrite if he got upset that Morgz looked at MrBeast as a muse. After all, as MrBeast would elaborate, he also receives inspiration from other YouTube videos.

He stated that if it weren’t for other videos, he wouldn’t come up with content for his own channel. Other creative minds spark a fire in his mind that allows him to come up with ideas that resonate with others. While Morgz may be a bit literal with his interpretation, MrBeast is just as guilty as taking ideas from others as well.

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