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“Shocking news. It’s possible for a woman to be happy for another woman’s success. MIND-BLOWING.”

She not only is one of the best female gamers in the world, but Stephanie “Missharvey” Harvey is looking to boost her fellow sisters in the sporting world. When she’s not blowing minds in the world of video gaming, she’s blowing…our hearts out of our chest. Get your mind out of the gutter, there. Perhaps, maybe you should get it back in there when we reach the Missharvey video and pictures section. In the meantime, let’s take a closer look at this fine-ass video gaming badass.

Missharvey and CheckSix Divas

In the already young world of video gaming, Stephanie Harvey is a veteran. The rich gaming star debuted in 2005. She was one of the first females to really jump on board when Counter-Strike blew up. The Canadian native would spend hours honing her craft and chatting with friends on a then-burgeoning platform.

Long before players were being signed up left and right by major sponsors, Missharvey spent the early part of her career heavily entwined with a then-growing faction. She was scooped up by a group of Counter-Strike players known as CheckSix Divas. 

CheckSix Divas are one of the originators in eSports clan. They have been playing as a cohesive unit as far back as 2003. While they were still struggling with notoriety, they helped carve a slice of the video game pie out for themselves. The CheckSix Divas clan was able to accomplish that feat, much in thanks to the foundation provided by a 2005 Missharvey.

Since then, CheckSix has taken some turns toward the different. As you can tell by looking at their website, female competitors aren’t at the top of their marketing strategy. What a shame, when they have legendary hotties such as Missharvey as alumni of their roster. 

With Missharvey on their lineup, the CheckSix Divas saw a ton of success. Within one year of being a member of the time, they placed fifth in the Electronic Sports World Cup. After what she perceived as a poor placement, Stephanie decided to take her talents elsewhere. She moved on, making one of the best decisions for her career. This decision was far better than anything she ever anticipated. Thanks to this move, we have been enjoying the work, and beauty, of Stephanie Harvey for over a decade strong.

Missharvey and SKLadies

It was obvious from the onset that Stephanie Harvey was destined for great things. She remained undeterred following the fifth-place ranking at the Electronic Sports World Cup. More determined than ever, Missharvey aligned herself with the SKLadies. 

Stephanie partnered up with the SKLadies on June 6, 2006. That date just also so happened to be when Ashley Mowery (better known as Ashley), Christine Chi (better known as Potter), and Carol Vuong (better known as snuggly) all entered the fold. 

During her almost four years with the franchise, they picked up two World Championship victories. She would continue with them until 2010. At this moment, Stephanie had a lot of confidence in her abilities. All-in-all, she was concerned her team was holding her back. Inevitably, Misshavey was onto bigger and better things. 

Missharvey Forms UBINITED

The biggest move for Missharvey came on October 22, 2010. That was the date that Stephanie and other members of SKLadies shocked the Counter-Strike team to its very foundation. Missharvey decided to start her own team. 

She brought along with her other members of the SKLadies team that included:

  • Alice Lew (Ali)
  • Benita Novshadian (bENITA)
  • Jennifer So (jso)
  • Christine Chi (Potter)

This jump was a no-brainer, as Missharvey had a huge financial backer in Ubisoft. Ubisoft was already Stephanie’s employer. So, this movement just strengthened the bond. 

Missharvey and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Just as the SKLadies was seeing a monumental change, so was the entire Counter-Strike community. After the initial popularity of the game, the makers decided to roll-out the release that was going to put the gaming franchise on the map for a decade to come. They came out with the ever-popular Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. 

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was the first time that UBINITED were able to put their skills on display. The tandem blew the competition out of the water. They won the first Electronic Sports Championship Women’s event for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in 2014. 

Missharvey and Counter Logic

As commonly seen in the gaming world, UBINITED was bought out by a bigger team, Counter Logic Gaming. UBINITED were signed to Counter Logica Gaming on Huly 6, 2015. The team was rebranded as GLG.CS Red. 

Under the GLG.CS Red umbrella, Missharvey and company nabbed the third-place spot. More determined than ever, CLG.CS Red became the first female team to move into a gaming house together. From there, they aimed to change the game forever by entering more men’s events.

In 2017, Harvey would leave the CLS.CS Red Team. However, she ended up joining forces with the franchise yet again in 2018.

Missharvey and Women’s Rights

We love hot chicks here at My Gamer Girls. However, we love strong chicks even more. You can’t much stronger than Stephanie “Missharvey” Harvey. Missharvey is a staunch advocate for women’s equality in the gaming world.

For one, she’s highly upset that only 5% of gamers identify as female. Secondly, she believes there is a huge pay discrepancy between the two genders. Furthermore, she believes that women who play video games are subjected to excessive sexual harassment. 

As she famously stated,

“When I started gaming I was really a pioneer, which I didn’t know at the time, and it was not easy… Over the Internet, people don’t have to deal with the repercussions of insulting someone else. They can’t see a sad face. I had to build a really strong shell to be able to succeed.”

As she said in an interview with BBC, “It’s still a ‘boy’s club’ so as a woman you’re automatically judged for being different… The way I get harassed is about what they would do to my body, about why I don’t deserve to be there because I use my sexuality – it’s all extremely graphic… Why do I do this if my community hate me? Because I am a feminist, because I believe women have a place in gaming.” Unfortunately for Missharvey, she also feels BBC misquoted a lot of female gamers, making them look like complainers and catty. 


Many analyzed the videos and do believe that BBC had some weird cuts. That added credence to Missharvey’s claims that she was misrepresented. She stands behind feeling women are being held in lesser regard. However, she doesn’t think she should have been portrayed as an “Oh-woe-is-me” kind of person. Nonetheless, the gaming community got behind Missharvey and didn’t take offense to what she said. Either way, women still have a long way to go. Stephanie will be happy to spearhead that movement forward.

Missharvey still sees the gaming world as a boy’s club. We say “no boys allowed,” and more pics of Missharvey, please.

Missharvey Pictures

Stephanie’s natural beauty shines bright in her pictures. She is always smiling, showing off her pearly whites and ever-changing hair color. One day it’s blonde, the next it’s pink. You never know what she’s going to sporting next. However, we’re always on the edge of our seats waiting to see just what that change will be.

When she’s not posting selfies, Stephanie is hard at work. Naturally, most of her pictures involving gaming. However, you can also have the pleasure of saying “aww” over her adorable corgi. 

Otherwise, the Canadian player fills her feed up with hanging out with her friends, getting involved with charities, and showing off her national pride. Proud to be a Canadian, eh?

Missharvey Videos

While she has some stunning social media pictures posted across all her platforms, it’s really her videos that put Missharvey on the map. Missharvey has a vibrant personality. She likes to joke around and have fun as she plays Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. When she’s not cracking jokes while playing, then Stephanie gives insight on how to be a better player.

Furthermore, Stephanie uses her videos for good. She uses her female-first mentality to preach equality in pay throughout the gaming world. However, she also uses her videos to promote charities that are near-and-dear to her heart as well. One opportunity that afforded her this pleasure took place a couple of years ago.

Using her brains to supplement her beauty, Missharvey entered herself into the national game show– Canada’s Smartest Person. The gaming genius was a member of the show’s third season, which aired in December of 2016. On the show, she not only made it to the finals but actually won the whole thing.

With her face now in the public eye, Missharvey used this as an opportunity to give back. She took the $20,000 purse she earned from being Canada’s Smartest Person and put it to good use. The Canadian native chose Opération Enfant Soleil. Opération Enfant Soleil is out of Quebec. Their mission is to support pediatrics care throughout the province.

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