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Miss Rage – Famousss.com Miss Rage – Famousss.com

Miss Rage LoL

Julia Kreuzer

Also known as

Miss Rage



Birth Place

Klagenfurt, Carinthia, Austria

Birth Sign




Net Worth




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I don’t try to copy anyone, I just be myself and I think that’s how it works… If you always stay yourself, if you do it constantly and if you’re good at what you’re doing, and you like entertaining and people like you, it will work. But, if you try to copy someone or you are not yourself, it will not work.

Don’t let her name fool you, Julia Kreuzer is not full of rage. The Austrian gamer is actually a pretty cool chick. However, that doesn’t mean she won’t crush you in a game of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. When she’s not crushing it in the gaming world, she’s chatting it up with fans online and meet-and-greets. That’s why she has over 56K Twitter followers and 900 paid subscribers on Twitch. Oh, and because she’s not so bad on the eyes, either. 

Miss Rage Early Beginnings

Miss Rage was born and raised in Austria. Video gaming has always been a part of her upbringing. As a 90s child, she was a huge Game Boy buff. A young Julia was guilty of lugging that system around with her everywhere she went. 

When she wasn’t gaming on-the-go, Julia’s family would partake in gaming on consoles.

This type of camaraderie was preparing Julia for a life of video games in the future. 

Miss Rage Discovers Online Gaming

As online gaming started to boom in the early 2000s, Julia immediately found herself hooked. While she always played games that came on computers such as solitaire and Snood, she found herself in awe with World of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft not only altered the way Julia gamed, but it changed her relationship with friends and families.

Suddenly, Julia was connected to multiple people at various times throughout the day. At first, she played a lot with her friends. In fact, they were the ones who dubbed her Miss Rage.

When World of Warcraft was first released, a young Julia would take gaming a bit more seriously than she does now. Well, maybe not. After all, she crushes it in competitions. Maybe, the best way to put it is that she was a lot less mature back then. So, when things didn’t go her way, she made a little fuss out of it. In some cases, it was a big fuss. Before you knew it, Miss Rage was born.

Though Miss Rage was a friendly jab at the competitive friend, Julia wore the name as a badge of honor. Thankfully, she’s calmed a bit since her World of Warcraft days. However, you still see glimmers of why she was initially dubbed Miss Rage. I’d love to know some other reason she’s Miss Rage these days, but hey, we can all dream…or just ask NBK.

Miss Rage Learns English

World of Warcraft opened a door of possibilities for Julia. Newly minted Miss Rage, she started to find her public persona. As she honed in the rage and embraced her quirks, Miss Rage started to really gain traction with gaming community.

Feeling more confident in her gameplay, having fun with the interactions, and discovering her voice were all reasons for Miss Rage to get more involved in online gaming. The next natural progression in this journey for her was to start meeting people outside of her external social circle. 

Playing with your friends is one thing, but playing against strangers forces you to become a better player. Not to mention, it also pushes you to step outside of your comfort zone in terms of personality. Miss Rage was ready to rip off the band-aid. That’s why she started playing with English-speaking players. 

Through playing with English speakers, Miss Rage became a better speaker of the language. She started using English more and got feedback from the community. Thanks to there help, she became quite fluent in English. Now, she goes back and forth between this language and her native tongue on social media, interviews, and streams. 

Miss Rage and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

While World of Warcraft opened the door of online gaming for Miss Rage, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive blew the door off its hinges. Just as she took to learning a new language, Miss Rage was strategic in how she entered the world of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. 

At first, she would watch others play. Ever the student, she took diligent mental notes that would come in handy when her own career would take off. From there, Miss Rage began watching demo videos. Going down the rabbit hole of studying, she would watch countless hours of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive footage. 

Most notably, Julia studies deathmatches and tournaments. She would study where the losers would wrong so that she wouldn’t repeat the same mistakes. In the same breath, she paid careful attention to the victors. She soaked in how they got they got their opponents in submission to deliver the death knell. 

Miss Rage would continue this studying for a year before deciding to get in on the game herself. With all of this research under her belt, Miss Rage was ready to dive into the game. However, she wasn’t ready for the success she was about to find.

Miss Rage Streams Full-Time

When she first started off streaming, a full-time career didn’t seem logical. At first, she only had a handful of people watching her play. Therefore, she engaged with her viewers a lot. By interacting with her viewers, they were more prone to come back. Miss Rage was proud of the small community her page was starting to build.

Eventually, word-of-mouth got around that a cute chick was a badass gamer and had a page.

The page really began to gain momentum. In 2014, Miss Rage got a crazy thought. Maybe she should start streaming full-time.

When Julia shared these aspirations with her friends and family, they weren’t the most supportive crew. They didn’t see it as a reasonable goal. Plus, they didn’t understand there was big money to be made in gaming. 

At this point in her life, Julia felt in a rut. She was in school, taking courses on Work Organization and Production Planning. To supplement her income, she had a job in the purchasing department for an automotive company. 

As 2014 drew to a close, she had enough of the monotony. Julia started full-time streaming. Slowly, she gained quite a following. Eventually, she started entering tournaments and saw some success. Once she showed her friends and family how this page was growing, they came around; even encouraging her. 

Miss Rage and Make a Sandwich Yourself

Miss Rage is all about the community of gaming. It’s what brought her to the dance. As she explained, starting out, Miss Rage had no money. Her videos were of poor quality. Miss Rage said, “I had, like, 10 pixels.” 

However, she wouldn’t invest money in better equipment because she was afraid it wouldn’t work. She didn’t want to waste money she didn’t have on a non-guarantee. Once she had tournament money, tips, and sponsors, she upgraded to equipment that other gamers trusted as well. 

This success allowed her to find her first team, Make a Sandwich Yourself (MASY). MASY was founded by Miss Rage and ProjectSolo in 2015. Members would come and go, including ProjectSolo.

ProjectSolo parted ways early the next year. However, Miss Rage remained onboard for years. However, their performances have been pretty abysmal. They grabbed 16th place in the Copenhagen Games 2018.

Miss Rage Pictures

We love pictures of Miss Rage. She has a photogenic personality that seeps through the camera. Her tattoos are sexy, especially her sleeve. It further ignites her badass attitude. Many of her pics involve the feather, cat eyeliner look. We’re feeling it.

On top of pictures of her gaming, Miss Rage likes to offer her a little look into her life. You can see a lot of pics of her with her dog and with her beau, NBK. When she’s not with them, she’s also hocking merch. 


One of her sponsors is Japan Candy Box. She posts pictures of herself, excited for the latest delivery of the subscription service. We’re excited for her with a box, too. 

Recently, Miss Rage celebrated her sixth year streaming. A lot of her most recent pictures are surrounding this celebration as she looks back at her past success and gets even more excited for a better future. Trust us; we’re with you, Miss Rage. Every inch of the way.

Miss Rage Videos

Miss Rage features her man, NBK, in some of her streams. He is also a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive streamer. We, too, find their relationship globally offensive. They’ve been together quite a while at this point.

Otherwise, catch Miss Rage on Twitch:

  • Saturday & Sunday: 08:00 UTC onwards
  • Monday: No streaming
  • Tuesday – Thursday: 05:00 UTC onwards
  • Friday: 11:30 UTC onwards

She likes to chat with her followers. After all, they are the reason for any of her success. So, she likes to give back. When you’re watching her, you’ll still see glimpses of what made her Miss Rage in the first place. It can be unsettling, but hey, that’s also why we love her, right?

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