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This talk show co-host is the best friend of Logan Paul and is the ultimate hype man. Mike Majlak, also known as HeyBigMike, is a brown-haired, brown-eyed content creator. At just 36-years-old, HeyBigMike is a multi-millionaire with 1.7 million followers on his @heybigmike Instagram and 1.4 million fans on the @heybigmichael TikTok. This Capricorn is becoming a mogul and has really etched a place for himself in the life of the Famousss

Hey Big Mike’s Net Worth 

Michael Majlak is making big moves and starting to really increase his annual income. His current net worth is $1.5 million. Most of Mike Majlak’s net worth is due to being a co-host for Logan Paul’s ImPAULsive podcast. He always plays the loud sidekick who asks steamy questions to guests and stirs up the pot. 

Additionally, Hey Big Mike serves as Logan Paul’s Marketing Manager under Logan Paul’s Maverick company. He regularly travels with Logan Paul and Jake Paul for their boxing matches. Hey Big Mike is responsible for booking Logan Paul on talk shows, wrestling shows, and other publicity stunts. 

Also, Hey Big Mike has his own YouTube page called Mike Majlak Vlogs. It has 2.2 million subscribers as of May 2021. This channel has a weekly show called The Night Shift. It averages about 7 million views per video. So, Hey Big Mike is rolling in some serious YouTube ad revenue. 

His largest following is 1.4 million followers on the @HeyBigMike Instagram. He creates a lot of travel content, including trips to CatalinaCoachella, and New York

Mike Majlak tells his life story in the book Fifth Vital. Fifth Vital has received rave reviews, earning a 4.5/5 on Audible, 4.4/5 on Good Reads, and 4.3/5 on Barnes & Noble. 

Mike Majlak’s Family & Early Life

Michael Majlak was born on January 13, 1985. This 36-year old Capricorn was born in Milford, Connecticut. This city has an average income and decent school educational systems. 

Mike Maljak has two sisters named Abby and Jill. Their family dogs are called Finney, Henry, and Brannie.

When his family started to earn more, they uprooted to South Norwalk. This area is more affluent, with more rich kids that have temptations. 

Mike had a modest childhood. He tried to hit fit in with the crowd. During this time, opioids were overtaking middle-class families. Mike Majlak struggled with opioid addiction for years. 

He watched his friends and family pass away and was determined not to go down the same path. After a decade of in and out of rehab programs, Mike Maljak got sober. He remains sober as of May 2021. 

Mike Majlak’s Rise to Fame

Unsure where he was going in life, the future Hey Big Mike attended Fordham University. He struggled with his studies and decided to drop out. 

Maljak tried getting into marketing agencies. He worked his way up by getting social media jobs with Nice Guy Promotions and blogging with The Essential Foodie.

To make ends meet, Mike started photographing events. Finally, he landed a job that would change his life forever. He became a Marketing Manager for LoveSac. This furniture company gave him the tools necessary to be a true marketing expert.

In 2014, Hey Big Mike met Logan Paul. Mike already admired Logan for becoming a self-made star through Vine. So, he reached out to Logan about partnering with Lovesac. 

Logan was impressed by Mike’s skills and really enjoyed his personality. He was brought on to help with content. Eventually, Mike worked his way up to what he calls, “a social lubricator.” He admits he’s Logan Paul’s babysitter and helps keep his friend out of trouble.

Hey It’s Big Mike’s Relationships

Hey It’s Big Mike has had his fair share of lovers. In particular, he loves porn stars. 

His most famous love is his on-again-off-again girlfriend. Hey Big Mike and Lana Rhoades have been dating since 2020. While they are currently broken up, the twosome still makes a lot of content together. 

Mike Majlak’s Rumors & Controversies 

Lana Rhoades was accused of cheating on Hey Big Mike with Bryce Hall. Meanwhile, Hey Big Mike has been accused of cheating on Lana Rhoades with Ava Louis, aka “Dr. Phil Girl.” 

Lana added fuel to these rumors when she tweeted out:

“Imagine getting cheated on with a girl from Dr. Phil LOL,”

Mike denied these claims in a tweet to his 395,000 followers on his @mikemaljak Twitter account:

“i will address all this skank ass bullshit at a later time but i have a very mad, very beautiful girl i need to go make things right with right now. wish me luck. love you all (except for all you clout chasing hoes)”

In May 2021, Hey Big Mike was let go from ImPAULsive. They still talk and Big Mike says he wasn’t fired. He explains that Logan Paul is moving to Puerto Rico. Meanwhile, Hey Big Michael is moving into a content house with FaZe Banks and Adin Ross. 

Other Notable Facts About Hey Big Mike

Hey Big Mike is expanding his empire into the world of Twitch. He has 221,000 subscribers to his @heybigmike Twitch channel. His streams are mostly vlogs and interviews. Mike isn’t a big gamer.

One of Hey Big Mike’s favorite movies is Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. He likes to dress at Johnny Depp and even modeled as Raoul Duke in the desert. 

Mike loves his family. He bought his mom an Audi SUV. 

He told her,

‘I’m tired of you driving around in that 2006. You don’t have to drive that car anymore.”

He then promised it wasn’t brand new and that the car was certified-pre-owned. Saying that put a smile on his mom’s face. She’s glad he isn’t wasting his money. Hey Big Mike’s mom responded with joy that she taught him well. 

Mike is a very active person who loves to exercise. Some of his favorite pastimes include swimming, skiing, and running. He sometimes models for apparel companies and competes in races for charity, especially when it comes to addiction and opioid awareness. That’s an important cause to get behind. We wouldn’t want to know what a world without Hey Big Mike would be like!

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