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Michelle Phan is a Vietnam-born makeup artist. She hosts tutorials on her wildly successful YouTube page. In the beauty sector of YouTube, her page is the second most subscribed to. Due to this huge following, Michelle has started a partnership with YouTube to create more content.

What helps Michelle’s channel is the fact that her brother, Steve, is married to another beauty guru by the name of Promise Phan. Both Phan ladies collaborate on videos and will feature each other. It’s a great way to cross-promote…for free! Promise’s expertise is transformations. So, she tends to show up and add some credibility to those topics. Before Steve ever met Promise, Michelle started her channel back in 2006. It was perhaps one of the first YouTube accounts to get a mass following so early on in the realm of social media.

Each month, Michelle also gives a tote bag away to subscribers of her company, Ipsy. Through Ipsy, you can get cosmetic products delivered to your door each month. This subscription service is valued by Forbes at a $500 million worth. Her business acumen caught the eyes of Icon network. She partnered with them as she simultaneously launched her own line of cosmetics. The name of the brand is “EM Michelle.” EM Michelle is a makeup palette. It contains a wide array of colors to choose from. You can mix and match to fit your mood and your skin tone.

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