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Michael Reeves

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This Famousss star is a Reddit darling who is best known for the video, The Robot That Shines A Laser In Your Eye. Michael Reeves is a 23-year-old YouTube star who resembles Harry Potter due to his brown hair and brown eyes. He has 5.2 million followers on his robotics YouTube page, with many interested in his relationship with LilyPichu.

Michael Reeves’ Net Worth

Michael Reeves burst onto the scene out of nowhere on April 17, 2017, with the video The Robot That Shines A Laser In Your Eye. As of 2021, this video has over 21 million views. Since then, he has amassed a large following of 5.2 million subscribers and counting. 

Newsweek described his channel as,

“What do you get when you take an internet edgelord and a coding genius and have him make the most absurd robots possible? You get the Michael Reeves channel on YouTube.”

Reeves earns ad revenues for his YouTube videos. This pay model is Michael Reeves’ main source of income. It’s also why Michael Reeves has a net worth of $1,200,000.

As his YouTube channel grew, he has started getting more into Twitch. His interest in Twitch peaked when he went public with his relationship with fellow Twitch user LilyPichu.

The MichaelReeves Twitch TV has over 1.2 million subscribers. Reeves is investing a lot of resources in this channel. In fact, he even moved to Los Angeles, California, to join the Twitch content creation collective known as The Offline. 

Additionally, Michael Reeves has a Patreon page. You can subscribe in three different monthly tiers for either $2, $5, or $25. The latter two tiers come with Discord privileges. So, for many of Michael Reeves’ followers, the upgrade from $2 to $5 is a no-brainer.

$25 memberships come with the same benefits. However, you get access to custom projects. 

Michael Reeves’ Family and Early Life

Michael Reeves was born on November 20, 1997, in Maui, Hawaii. So, if you’re Googling, “how old is Michael Reeves?” He is 23-years-old. 

His mother is Filipino. Meanwhile, his father is a Caucasian. 

Growing up, Michael struggled in school. He was socially awkward and was more interested in video games. Plus, he couldn’t pay attention. 

However, Michael realized he would need to be successful in order to eat as an adult. So, he decided to turn his grades around. 

When that didn’t happen, Michael focused on coding. His parents were irate and tried to get him counseling. However, his guidance counselor insisted that coding wasn’t the worst option. With that said, his counselor also recommended that the future YouTube star attend the University of Hawaii.

While he studied computer science, Michael got a job for the Hawaii government. He started working on software applications, putting his coding education to great use. This experience inspired the video The Robot That Shines a Laser in Your Eye

Eventually, he would move West and transfer to Northern Arizona University to finish his computer science degree. The rest is history! 

Michael Reeves’ Rise to Fame

Michael Reeves became an overnight sensation after the release of The Robot That Shines a Laser in Your Eye. It garnered a huge following on the r/shittyrobots subreddit.

With 4,500 new subscribers in 24 hours, Reeves followed up with content surrounding this breakthrough video. He would explain how he did the tasks he performed. Finally, he went into a bunch of coding tutorials. 

While informational, this wasn’t the content people wanted. So, Reeves want back to basics. He created more content like 3D Printing Is Ruining My Life and Using a Hacked Bop-It to Fix Hawaii’s Missile System. Now, his videos get millions of views each!

Michael Reeves’ Relationship

Michael Reeves is in a relationship with LilyPichu. Interestingly enough, they both share the same birthday of November 20th.

Their first public appearance was on the Bad Boys for Life red carpet event in January 2020. The pair have been inseparable since then. 

They have a very jovial relationship. He likes to call her “boomer.” Meanwhile, she calls him out for the overuse of the word “quirky.” 

The two complement each other well on and offscreen. They like to make content together on each other’s Twitch platforms. 

When Michael Reeves’ YouTube hit over 5 million followers, LilyPichu congratulated her man. She even presented him a cake with Fedmyster and Pokimane

Michael Reeves’ Rumors and Controversies

Michael Reeves is a fun-loving coder. He has a foul mouth and likes to drop an F-bomb or two. His channel might not be considered family-friendly. 

Michael Reeves used to live with William Osman and his wife, Chelsea. They all decided to move in together in 2018 when the Osmans houses burned down from the 2017 California wildfires.

They worked together on some content, even creating the video Taser Machine Fixes My Swearing Problem

While nobody knows why the threesome was evicted from the house that they were renting. Rumor has it that the landlord was uncomfortable with their taser inventions.  

After moving out, he would continue to create content surrounding tasers. In some of the videos, he would even scare his friends with the tasers. Many would fear that he has a slight obsession with these weapons. 

Eventually, the Osmans and Michael Reeves would move into another place for a little while. However, the living arrangements didn’t last long. Reeves got together with Offline TV and moved into their pad in Los Angeles, California. 

Other Notable Facts About Michael Reeves 

Find yourself wondering, “how tall is Michael Reeves?” He is 5’4.” His short height and young looks also has people wondering, “how old is Michael Reeves?” 

Reeves addressed the awkwardness in his first-ever video, saying, “I look younger than I am.” He proceeded to drop F-bombs in case you needed any more confirmation. 

Michael Reeves’ developer background is well-defined. He specializes in .NET-based apps. His favorite programming language is JavaScript. 

His favorite game to play on Twitch is Minecraft. 

The star is allergic to amoxicillin. 

One of Michael Reeves’ most famous saying is:

“I’m the Elon Musk of bad ideas if Elon Musk was a 3-foot tall Filipino and dumb.”

He’s not so dumb. Michael Reeves’s net worth of $1,200,000 and nabbing LilyPichu means he’s doing okay in our books!

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