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Melonie Mac – Famousss.com Melonie Mac – Famousss.com

Melonie Mac

Melonie Mac

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Melonie Mac



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Welcome all Melomaniacs! Mel is an American YouTuber and Gamer who is most widely known for posting anime, gaming, unboxing and tech-related content since 2009. Although her YouTube channel is quite popular with 336k subscribers, her Twitch streaming seems to be what she focusses on more recently. Regardless, subscribe now to join the other 336k subscribers and become part of the “Melomaniac” family!

Aside from Twitch streaming, she even streams live almost every day on Facebook as well. To make it easier for you to access, here is the link!

Although she is a hardcore PC gamer, Mel loves to draw, watch anime, read comics/manga, play the guitar/piano and finding other ways to release her creativity. The two most important things in her life are accomplishing your goals and having fun.

Melonie Mac Pictures

Mel is always taking selfies of herself and she does a damn good job at it. Those beautiful brown eyes will make anyone’s head turn. She is very into fitness, spending time with friends (including her cat), and of course Tomb Raider, which makes an appearance in many of her Insta photos.

Melonie Mac Videos

Lots of Tomb Raider material of course, but you will also find other types of material like vlogs, unboxings and even anime reviews. Her fiancé and fellow YouTuber also likes to make an appearance once and awhile as well.

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