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Meghan Yeah – Famousss.com Meghan Yeah – Famousss.com

Meghan Yeah


Also known as

Meghan Yeah



Birth Place

Victoria Island, British Columbia

Birth Sign




Net Worth




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Another successful Canadian YouTuber, Streamer and Gamer that currently resides on Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia. Meghan strives to stream daily on both her YouTube streaming channel and Twitch. Either way, you’ll find this gorgeous brunette with an amazing personality playing all kinds of games as she doesn’t really stick to one or two.

Meghan is still trying to build up her number of YouTube subscribers as she is only sitting at 67k right now, but considering she jumped from 1k to 24k in 7 months in 2017, we will consider that quite impressive. This is no surprise either, as she states she loves cats, gardening, gaming and overeating so you know Meghan is going to provide some good entertainment.

Meghan Yeah Pictures

You can expect a lot of selfies from this beautiful Canadian, but don’t be surprised if food, video games or even her cat Ruka makes an occasional appearance. I’m sure you will agree that her eyes are just absolutely stunning, not to mention the rest of her.

Meghan Yeah Videos

Be sure to make note of the uniquely themed outfits in her YouTube videos. There is just something sexy about gamer girls wearing cat ears while making other players online look silly. Check out her channel and you will not be disappointed in her gameplay, or her looks! You can catch her live streaming most nights from 5PM to 10PM PST.

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