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Matt Steffanina – Famousss.com Matt Steffanina – Famousss.com

Matt Steffanina

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Virginia, United States

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6' 1"

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Matt Steffanina is a choreographer with quite the following. He is the executive producer of the hit internet show, Dance Tutorials Live. Starting at the age of 13, Matt hustled to hone his craft. As soon as social media launched, he was ripe and ready for the world’s picking. Through this means, he was able to show the world what he could do.

The career of Matt Steffanina took off when he uploaded a video of a dance performance at The Paramount Theatre. This was a performance that the rising star choreographed. Viewers became captivated and this caught the attention of celebrities, ad execs, and production companies.

As Steffanina continues to grow, he produces tutorial videos for others who aspire to dance. After all, he taught himself. From there, he was able to teach those at The Paramount Theatre that fateful day. Since then, he’s choreographed vidoes for Chris Brown, Jason Derulo, Justin Beiber, LMFAO, and Snoop Dogg.

Steffanina likes to keep his personal life private. Also, he was very ambiguous about his dating situation. However, it finally came out that he’s dating Dana Alexa. They met on the set of a music video called “Ashes” back in 2011. After dating for a year, they got married in 2012.

The twosome appeared together on The Amazing Race. 

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