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This 29-year-old dancer has danced into our hearts, and many girls want him to dance into their beds. Matt Steffanina is a brown-haired, blue-eyed choreographer with a large social media following. The official Matt Steffanina YouTube has 12.3 million subscribers, @mattsteffanina Instagram has 3.9 million followers, and 6.4 million followers on his @mattsteffanina TikTok. He has now entered the world of the Famousss, and we’re here to dance the night away with Matt Steffanina. 

Matt Steffanina’s Net Worth 

Matt Steffanina has transformed how the world views dancing. This choreographer was breaking down barriers in the dance world long before TikTok became a viral sensation. That’s why Matt Steffania’s net worth is $3,400,000 and growing daily!

Matt Steffanina earns his income as a professional choreographer. He has worked with many top superstars in the world of music, including:

  • Snoop Dogg
  • Chris Brown
  • Wiz Khalifa
  • Rihanna
  • Taylor Swift

That makes Matt Steffanina the second Famousss star to work with Taylor Swift, as Loren Gray was cast in Swiftie’s The Man video. Self-professed Taylor Swift fan and Famousss starSahar Dahi, must be jealous!

Matt Steffanina doesn’t just tutor the stars on dance moves. He also teaches people on his massively popular YouTube channels. That includes the official Matt Steffanina YouTube and the secondary channel, DANCE TUTORIALS

On DANCE TUTORIALS, Matt Steffanina teaches viewers some moves to popular songs, including Justin Bieber’s Yummy and Megan Thee Stallion and Beyonce’s Savage. 

His tutorials get massive traffic. Each video gets a minimum of one million views. So, Matt Steffanina is ranking in serious YouTube ad revenues. 

In addition, Matt travels the world as a DJ. Now that the pandemic is in a lull, he is back on the road and earning that coin. 

Matt is no stranger to television. Like Tyler Oakley, Matt Steffanina has been featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. 

The star also learned large video game royalties for his work on the hit game Just Dance 2019. He made a VIPMADE routine to the popular Bang Bang Bang anthem featured in this video game franchise. 

Additionally, Matt Steffanina runs DANCR Academy. This virtual dance school helps train dances and then brings them on tour for real-world experience. 

Matt Steffanina’s Early Life & Family 

Matt Steffanina was born on October 20, 1992, in Wintergreen, Virginia. This small-town Libra boy moved to Charlottesville, Virginia. He would stay there until he moved to Los Angeles, California, in 2010.

He grew up with a supportive family. His father’s name is Jeff Stefffanina and his mom’s name is Debbie Tuttle Steffanina. Matt Steffanina also has a brother named Sam Steffanina. 

He became a competitive snowboarder during high school. He would watch music videos involving snowboarding tricks, which caused him to fall in love with music. Through these music videos, Matt Steffanina taught himself to dance. The rest was history for this Famousss star. 

Matt Steffanina’s Rise to Fame

Matt Steffania really put in the grind to make himself Famousss. He moved to Los Angeles in 2010 in hopes of pursuing a career in dancing. 

He launched his YouTube in September 2011. His first video was on September 4, 2011. It was called Jennifer Lopez – On The Floor Dance TUTORIAL » Matt Steffanina Choreography. As of August 2021, this video still only has 583,000 views…nothing close to 8 million-plus his top videos do today. 

In 2016, Matt broke out as the winner of Amazing Race Season 28. The budding reality star teamed with his fiance, Dana Alexa Boriello. Matt was the only one to complete the first roadblock, which gave the couple the edge in the competition. 

Matt Steffanina’s Relationships

Matt Steffanina was engaged to his The Amazing Race partner, Alexa Boriello. 

On May 23, 2012, Dana Alexa Boriello tweeted,

“Excited to finally announce that I am engaged to the greatest man in the entire world @MattSteffanina

 !!!! #hiphopwedding ”

They were together for five years. The couple met in 2011 and broke up shortly after The Amazing Race aired in 2016. 

Not too long after, Matt rebounded with Destiny Kaye. It seems like they have fizzled out as of early 2021. 

There are rumors circulating that Matt Stefania is dating TikTok creator and dancer Enola Bedard of @enola.bedard TikTok fame. The two have been featuring each other in content a lot lately, with some pretty smokey dance moves between the two. If they’re not dating, there is certainly some chemistry there, because where there’s smoke…there’s fire! 

Matt Steffanina’s Rumors & Controversies 

Matt Steffanina is a pretty stand-up dude. Even with a reality TV background and a high-profile break-up, the star still keeps it low-key.

We can’t find any rumors or controversies about Matt Steffanina. That doesn’t mean they won’t pop up. We’ll keep an eye out on the latest Matt Steffanina news and keep you updated!

Other Notable Facts About Matt Steffanina 

Matt Steffanina has been nominated for 1 Streamy Awards. He was up for Best Collaboration in 2019 for his partnership with Sofie Dossi as they covered Ariana Grande’s 7 Rings. Unfortunately, the duo came up short. However, Matt is clearly still winning in life. 

Matt Steffanina was signed by the Abrams Artist Agency in 2018.

This star likes to pay it forward to the future. He regularly features child dancers who have amazing moves and gives them the props they deserve. These children even show him up at times. 

Matt Steffanina is very grateful for his life and his job. He also says that the freedom to do whatever he wants is what keeps the star going. As he told Tubefilter, 

“I think any artist would agree that being able to make your own decisions is the key to happiness in this industry, and YouTube gives us that.”

It takes hours for Matt to put a routine together. He says that for every move that you see, he tried about three other moves that he didn’t think fit. 

Matt Steffanina’s top five favorite artists to choreograph for are:

  • Chris Brown
  • Drake
  • Jason Derulo
  • Justin Bieber
  • Rihanna

He’s sad that he can’t share some of the moves he choreographed for these stars because many of the songs are blocked due to copyright issues. We’d love to see the moves and hope he can work with these artists to create new content soon! 

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