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Mark Rober (born March 11, 1980 [Age: 39]) is a former NASA engineer has become a YouTube sensation. His videos center around science and are a mixture of DIY tutorials, life hacks, inventions, and challenges. Now that he’s retired from NASA, Mark spends most of his time uploading videos, creating science-related content, and raising money for autism awareness.

Mark Rober Early Beginnings

Always a California native, Mark Rober grew up in Orange County. The OC OG was always intrigued by all things science. As a child, Mark brainstormed ideas that would make for amazing inventions. From there, he would seek out a way to make this imagined gadget into a reality.

This thirst for knowledge prompted the future NASA employee to think of a way to cut onions without crying. Inspired by science class, Mark decided to craft goggles to tackle this annoying byproduct of slicing this popular root vegetable. While this idea wasn’t patented by the star, nor did it make him a millionaire. However, it’s that desire for knowledge that pushed him to become a ten millionaire.

Mark Rober Engineering Degree

Once Mark completed high school, the budding scientist applied to Brigham Young University. Founded by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Mark engulfed himself in his studies at the highly religious school. Instead of opting for studies involving religion, he stuck to what he knew.

Rober was highly interested in science and engineering. It only seemed natural that he would pursue an Engineering degree during his time at Brigham Young University. After successfully completing the curriculum, Mark’s drive to learn more pushed him into the next chapter of his life. He found himself enrolled in the University of California. At the University of California, the Orange County native earned himself a Master’s Degree in Engineering.

With years of schooling under his belt, Mark was ready to take on the real world. What he didn’t realize was that his career was about to get lucrative. While it was because of his studies, he was going to put this knowledge to use that he never anticipated. However, first, he made an important stop along his journey–NASA.

Mark Rober and NASA

What sets Mark apart from other Database 46  YouTube stars is that he worked for the government-funded agency, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). This experience would give Mark an edge against other contemporaries because his videos are laden with fact. Not only that, but they cover topics that other YouTubers would never fathom.

When Mark began his stint at NASA, he began at the bottom. In 2004, the future YouTube star joined the organization’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He remained a member of this institution for nine years. Of those seven years, Rober played a monumental hand in our still-evolving mission to Mars.

Mark Rober and Curiosity

Curiosity is what compelled Mark Rober to first try to invent goggles that would hold back the tears one developed while cutting an onion. It’s also the name of the robot that Mark Rober helped propel to Mars.

Putting his Master’s in Engineering to good use, the University of California alum designed a number of hardware systems that were essential in crafting the robot that roamed the Red Planet for years. After designing the programs, Mark helped deliver them to NASA professionals who incorporated the systems into the Curosirty database.

Thanks to Mark, NASA was able to pull up a number of missions during the first seven years he was gainfully employed by the government agency.

He played a vital role in missions such as:

  • AMT
  • SMAP
  • Mars Science Laboratory

During this time, Mark continued to work his way up the ladder. Unable to be held down, he achieved the status as one of the main architects in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory program. Under his guidance, NASA formed JPL Wired.

JPL Wired was an advanced wiki technology database. It maintained loads of pivotal information that were sensitive to NASA expeditions. As a member of JPL Wired, Mark Rober published case studies that analyzed wiki tech. One of his most famous cases looked at using wiki tech to develop Intrapedia. Thanks to the work of Mark and his NASA cohorts, major tech-based companies can use Intrapdia to pool corporate knowledge in a manner that’s easier for members of the company to access in-house and remotely.

Mark Rober YouTube

While employed to NASA, Mark started to dabble in making videos. The first video he uploaded was Halloween themed. In 2011, the star showed off his iPad costume. Mark put an iPad on both sides of his body. From there, he linked the two onFaceTime. Therefore, his costume looked like you could see through him.

With a clickbait title drawing attention to his “gaping hole in torso,”  the video became an overnight sensation. It hit 1.5 million views in just one day. Mark realized he was onto something and decided to dedicate more time to creating viral content.

From there, Mark uploaded some scientific content to YouTube. Quickly, his videos became viral. From there, he turned to April Fool’s Day pranks, escape room hacks, and zoo videos.

Mark Rober Digital Dudz

Hot off his Halloween costume video, Mark decided to create a Halloween costume company. In 2012, Mark launched Digital Dudz. This endeavor came with an app that combined both animation and t-shirt design.

Staying true to his techie background, Mark created costumes with phone pockets. This invention got his line in stores in 2013. His biggest seller was Party City.

Digital Dudz started popping up everywhere, being featured on well-known shows and networks such as:

  • CBS News
  • CNN
  • Discovery Channel
  • Good Morning America
  • Fox
  • The Jay Leno Show
  • The Today Show 
  • Yahoo! News

A huge success, Digital Dudz recorded over a quarter of a million downloads. Seeing he was onto something, Mark decided to secure a patent for an app for costume and clothes creation.

Mark Rober and Morphisuits

As 2013 came to a close, Rober cashed out, selling Digital Dudz.Digital Dudz became the property of Morphisuits. A part of the buyout included the employment of Rober.

After nine years at NASA, Mark decided to move onto the next chapter of his life. He would work for the United Kingdom-based Morphisuits remotely for over two years.

Once his partnership with the tech company expired, Mark decided to focus on his own brand. That led him to dedicate his time and energy to creating content for his YouTube channel on a full-time basis.

Mark Rober Stranded on a Deserted Island

With demand of Mark hitting an all-time high, he started collaborating with other popular YouTube channels. Most notably, he entered a brief partnership with Studio C.

Studio C and Mark came up with the sketch video Stranded on a Deserted Island with Mark Rober. This video hit over a billion views. Rober expanded his content creation with Studio C by competing in YouTubers vs. Studio C. This was another billion view endeavor that saw Mark, Jared Mecham, and other YouTubers together for the first time.

Mark Rober Controversy

He dedicated his time to creating content for his YouTube channel. One of his most viral videoes came in 2018. The star created a video that captured people stealing packages from other peoples’ doorsteps. Rober invented a glitter bomb that would spray the thieves and recorded the mechanism in action.

When someone would steal the package, the device would spit out the glitter. Furthermore, it would create a foul odor before entering record mode.

Mark was called out for falsifying the video. The star removed two of the five recorded instances from the video. His explanation was that he didn’t realize two of the thieves in the video were friends of someone Mark hired to help catch potential criminals.

Mark Rober Science Channel 

On top of his YouTube duties, Mark also has a popular show on The Science Channel. His show is called The Quick and the Curious. Based on the success of The Quick and the Curious and his viral videos, Mark was invited to give a TEDx Talk.

Mark Rober hosted a TEDx speech that was called How to Come Up With Good Ideas. Hot off the success of that TEDx Talk, he was invited back to the stage. In his second go-around, Mark took part in a speech called The Super Mario Effect- Tricking Your Brain Into Learning More. 

Staying close to the California area has allowed Mark many unique opportunities. Recently, he’s been approached about reviving his engineering career. He’s currently in negotiations to provide ideation work for tech companies in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Mark Rober Autism Awareness

As always a California native, Mark situated in Sunnyvale. He has settled down with his wife. Together, they have one son. The couple spends a lot of time raising awareness for autism. Mark has made mention that his son has been diagnosed with the condition.

Inspired to evoke change, Mark decided to start up a T-shirt company to support autism awareness. He created an online shop on the Teepsring platform. All sales the star makes on Teespring go to support autism awareness. Rober stated that one-hundred percent of the proceeds that his shop rings up on Teespring goes to his charity of choice, The Autism Society.

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