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This Moldovan bombshell is setting the world of fashion, influencers, and the Famousss ablaze. Marinela Bezer is a model and entrepreneur who is the face of Malliny. The London, England resident wows her 413k followers on her @marinelabezer Instagram account and 1.8 million followers on her @marinelabezer TikTok account. With her gorgeous brown hair and brown eyes, this 24-year-old fashion blogger is sure to be around for the long haul!

Marinela Bezer’s Net Worth

Through her various business ventures, Marnela Bezer has a net worth of $2,000,000. 

At just 24-years-old, Marinela is already starting a global empire. She is helping grow her fashion line, Malliny, which Marinela Bezer runs with her mother. 

This company specializes in luxury evening dresses and waist-shaping corsets. The average price of a dress runs around $250 each. They use high-quality fabrics to create a silhouette that celebrates a woman’s figure. 

Being a natural beauty, it was a shoe-in for Marinela to become the face of the brand. She would help grow the brand to 75k followers on the @malliny_mln Instagram account

Additionally, Marinela is the CEO for DrDent, a teeth whitening kit. 

Their process is similar to that of Crest Whitestrips,

“Experience up to an 8 Shade Whiter Smile in 7 days with our enamel safe Non Peroxide Formula. Many people experience whitening after the first application of DrDent Premium Whitening Kit.”

As you’d expect, not only does Marinela play an Executive role behind the scenes, her beautiful smile is at the forefront. You can catch her and her fiance in many of their editorial campaigns. 

With attention growing around her, Marinela tried her hand at becoming a content creator. She started using her official YouTube channel to create travel content in 2016.

Marinela created videos about visiting:

Her favorite destination was, by far Bali, Indonesia. During her stay in Bali, Marinela visited Ubud and Nusa Dua.

As Marinela recalls,

“Bali has been one of my favorite destinations so far, and I can’t wait to go back. Good vibes, healthy food, exotic fruits, white sand beaches, breathtaking landscapes, jungles, monkeys and a big variety of water sports activities don’t let you get bored in Bali.”

These travel videos got the star some comped rooms and experiences. With each video generating around 10,000 views, she’s starting to earn YouTube revenue. 

Marinela Bezer’s Family & Early Life

Marinela Bezer was born on July 20, 1997 in Chișinău, Moldova. This Cancer was born to a happy family that encouraged her to follow her dreams.

Marinela has a sister named Nicolete Bezer. Nicolete is also an aspiring model and plays a role in the family’s fashion brand. Not too much is known about Marinela Bezer’s father. However, Marinela is very close with her mother, Lilia Bezer, as we’re about to discuss further in a bit. 

At a young age, she enrolled in ballroom dancing. Marinela would compete in various local competitions throughout Moldova, earning medals and ribbons for her victories. Some of these videos are uploaded to her official YouTube page

After graduation, Marinela moved with her boyfriend to London, England. She would enroll in college. Marinela is currently pursuing a degree in Marketing and Advertising. 

Marinela Bezer’s Rise to Fame

Even though she works for her family business, Marinela has scratched and clawed for all the success she has. The star knew that fashion was her calling her whole life. She admits she was always good-looking and had great style. So, she was naturally drawn to fashion and modeling. 

Marinela just pursued her interests, which led to a full-fledged career. She would compete in ballroom dancing for ten years. For six of those years, she hosted competitions on a national broadcast. 

When she moved to England, Marinela became really inspired.

As she describes London,

“My city inspires me. I always felt like London was a living being, and its aliveness pours through my veins. Full of opportunity and fashion revelation, London resembles a versatile organism whose brilliant trends stimulate my creativity.”

This inspiration prompted Marinela to create Manilly with her mother, Lilia Bezer. As Marinela’s social media started to blow up, the star became the face of the brand. The rest lives in Famousss history. 

Marinela Bezer’s Relationships

Marinela is engaged to Vlad Gactan. The couple has been together since 2013. They met while attending high school in Chișinău, Moldova. 

The twosome is inseparable, always declaring their love for one another on social media. She regularly features him in her videos, including her travel content. 

The two got engaged in September 2020. Vlad surprised her during a photoshoot that she believed was just for content and fashion. However, it turned out to be a shoot for her engagement. 

Marinela Bezer’s Rumors & Controversies

Marinela Bezer has a good head on her shoulders. She draws inspiration from Coco Chanel. 

One of her favorite quotes is,

“Keep your heels, head, and standards high.”

With that mantra, Marinela Bezer stays out of trouble. You won’t find any rumors and controversies about Marinela Bezer yet. But we’ll keep you updated on any breaking news about Marinela Bezer.

Other Notable Facts About Marinela Bezer

Marinela was bullied as a child for being short. People still slide into her DMs to poke fun over her 5’2″ height. The star goes as far as to call it discrimination.  

Marinela likes to see the positive side of things. She says she never has to worry about being taller than Vlad. Plus, she has more energy and gets little kid’s ticket prices at amusement parks. 

The @marinelabezer TikTok is blowing up. She has posted content in Venice, Italy, and hanging out by a Lamborghini. People are certainly enamored with this hot model! 

During the pandemic, Marinela experimented with making inspirational content on Facebook. She would offer exercise tips and make breakfast videos. Marinela is a huge fan of yogurt bowls and filling them with bananas and cacao. 

Marinela owns She doesn’t update it very often. It was once a blog that documented her travels to places like France and Portugal. However, she has updated since writing an advertisement in 2018. 

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