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Marialejandra Marrero (Born: March 21, 1991 [Age: 27]) is a Venezuelan-born internet personality who moved to Los Angeles in order to further her YouTube career. Currently, she produces and hosts for YouTube channels including:

  • Mariale
  • SinPatuque
  • Mar

Over these platforms, Marialejandra has gained herself quite the following…to the tune of over 13 million people following the star on YouTube alone. With this type of following, she was quickly snagged up by CAA. This is one of the prominent talent agencies across the globe.

Mariale’s YouTube career started back in the first month of 2010. She uploaded her firs video to Makeuplocalypse. Today it’s simply known as Mariale. As the name originally suggests, Mariale had a lifestyle brand. She would give makeup tips as well as her thoughts on fashion.

When this popularity spilled over the brim, Mariale capitalized by expanding her brand. The entrepreneur started the popular YouTube channel, SinPatuque. This translates in English to “without makeup.” This was more of a vlogger/lifestyle, stripped-down approach to her brand. Eventually, Mariale produced her first English video when she launched Mar in November 2015.

Through all of her work, Mariale was recognized with a “Cacique de Oro” award. The category was in Best Venezuelan Influencer. While she has yet to nab a MTV MIAW award, she was nominated for “Cacique de Oro” award in both 2017 and 2018.


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