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Loserfruit – Famousss.com Loserfruit – Famousss.com

Loserfruit Kat

Kathleen Belsten

Also known as

Loserfruit, Kat



Birth Place

Melbourne, Australia

Birth Sign




Net Worth




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“Getting better at life. Shame the photos aren’t getting better.”

We don’t know, Loserfruit, the pictures are pretty hot (especially the ones that have sparked bouts of Lesbiangate in the past). Loserfruit is an Australian gaming personality who specializes in Fortnite. However, the star has been known to dabble in League of Legends and Call of Duty. She often provides commentaries as she plays, but let’s be for real–we really tune in to check the babe out.

Loserfruit was born in Melbourne, Australia. Before she hit big, Kathleen would experiment with social media and streaming to see if it was a viable avenue for her brand. By 2013, her page was up and running and she was already starting to gain steam. Now she’s followed by millions on multiple platforms, making major bank and breaking hearts along the way.

Unfortunately for us, Loserfruit is winning in the dating department. The Twitch star is linked to her beefy beau, Marcus. Their first year anniversary passed in October 2018. While Loserfruit did forget to acknowledge him at first, she did do a post-anniversary shout-out. So, maybe there’s still hope for the rest of us? After all, they are in a long-term relationship…

Kathleen isn’t just a pretty face. She has an attractive bank account too. According to SocialBlade, the social media star rakes in around $800,000 each year. Her Twitch account confirms that men will drop big bucks for this gamer. In fact, one person donated $5,000 to the streamer in one session, while another dropped a whopping $1,000. Imagine if she had a Fans Only account?!

She typically streams five hours per day. Her peak hours are between 12 AM and 8 PM EDT. Otherwise, her Twitch page usually hosts other female streamers. While not as hot as her, you might enjoy some of the competitive banter her guests will provide.

Her Twitch is her major source of income, bringing in over one million followers. Her notoriety has earned the star a Shorty Award nominee for Twitch Streamer of the Year. While she didn’t win, maybe if they started a category for Hottest Twitch Streamer? Pretty sure she’ll nail it!

Loserfruit Pictures

Kathleen is very flirty. She shows it off in her pics for her fans. However, she’s not afraid to get all over her man…and other females too. That makes her Instagram a must-follow.

In addition to mugging for the camera, Kathleen also likes to stay fit. A lot of her pictures revolve around yoga pants and volleyball nets. She’s very active and likes to encourage her follows to be so too…while showing off some of her best assets.

Loserfruit Videos

While Loserfruit makes a decent living on Twitch, the majority of her followers are on YouTube. On YouTube, Loserfruit yells, eeks, and laughs her way through gameplay. However, you can always put the video on mute.

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