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Loren Gray Beech

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Pottstown, Pennsylvania

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Loren Gray Beech (Born: April 19, 2002) is a singer and dancer, known as Loren Gray, who is the fourth-highest earning TikTok star in August 2020. 

Loren Gray Early Beginnings

Loren Gray Beech grew up with a modest lifestyle. She was born in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, where she grew up with a close group of friends. They would get together and record videos of themselves dancing or sharing their opinions on games and shows.

Loren was always drawn to entertaining. She says that Eminem is her biggest inspiration. It’s on her bucket list to partner with the controversial rapper.  

Another inspiration of hers was Justin Beiber. She loved his DIY attitude and how it turned him into a mega-star. 

So, Loren jumped at the chance to join a social media platform that specialized in this type of short-form content. In 2015, the middle schooler signed up for Musical.ly.

Loren Gray Joins Musical.ly

Immediately, Loren got to work creating content. Her friends helped her come up with ideas and shoot angles. 

However, Loren had to do a lot of work on her own. That’s because fellow sixth-graders started bullying her for creating so many videos on this social media platform.  

Loren Gray Signs with Virgin Record 

Although her jealous peers tried to bully Loren out of following her dreams, Loren remained steadfast. She would continue to create content and would see her viewers rise exponentially in almost no time. 

Eventually, Loren dropped out of school to pursue entertainment full-time. The burgeoning star said “bye” to Pennsylvania and moved to Los Angeles, California. 

In 2017, Loren had her first major breakthrough. She was cast in a role in the music video fo Personal by the England-born YouTube sensation HRVY. 

With the record industry on notice, Loren amped up her Musical.ly, and then TikTok, content. Finally, Virgin Records reached out to the rising starlet. They offered her a contract, and Loren Gray eagerly accepted. 

In March 2018, Loren Gray inked a deal with Virgin Records. They immediately got to work on her first album. That fall, Loren Gray debuted My Story. 

My Story was about a friend who kept falling in love with some bad guys. She felt this was a great, relatable song to introduce herself to a larger audience. 

Loren Gray Teams with Demi Lovato and Shawn Mendes Producer

The feedback on Loren Gray’s first single was extremely positive. So, Virgin Records struck while the iron was hot. 

They teamed her up with Demi Lovato and Shawn Mendes’ producer, Ido Zmishlany. Together, Loren and Ido created the massively popular Kick You Out. 

This release gave Loren the notoriety and street cred she desired. However, the viewership numbers weren’t enough to take Gray to the next level. Thankfully, that break would come with her next single. 

Loren Gray Partners with Halsey, Walk the Moon, and The Chainsmokers Producer

In November 2018, Loren Gray took on a producer’s role herself. She partnered up with Captain Cuts.

Captain Cuts is a who’s who in production. He’s teamed with musical powerhouses, including Walk the Moon, Halsey, and The Chainsmokers. 

This partnership paid off beautifully for Loren. Her third single, Queen, has over 15 million views to date!

Her partnership with Captain Cuts continued into 2019. During this time, Loren increased the amount of music she was releasing. The twosome produced and wrote Options and Lie Like That.

For Options, Loren enlisted in the producer Nija to help. Nija has worked with the likes of Jason Derulo and Chris Brown. Fo Lie Like That, she called in Ivy Adara, and Australian artist. 

While these two didn’t live up to Queen, they still had respectable views. Therefore, Loren gave a collab with Captain Cuts another go. She partnered one more time with the famed producer on Anti-Everything.

Anti-Everything is a track by the Lost Kings. They enlisted in Loren and Captain Cuts to help with producing, singing, and writing this track. 

Loren Gray with Taylor Swift and Saweetie 

Loren really enjoys collaborating with other artists. In May 2019, she linked up with the rapper Saweetie. This partnership was the first time Loren Gray featured someone else on one of her songs. They worked together to create the popular smash, Can’t Do It. 

In 2020, Loren got the opportunity of a lifetime. She was cast in Taylor Swift’s The Man music video. 

Nothing will ever top Taylor Swift, but Loren Gray tried. She appeared in another music video shortly after The Man. This time, she linked up with Kim Petras.

Kim Petras directed a video for her song Malibu. This particular video was given the subtitle of: “Home Version.”  Unlike the Taylor Swift video, this one was performed virtually to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus. 

Almost a year to the date since her last release, Loren came out with some new music at the beginning of the pandemic. She released Cake in May 2020 to wide fanfare. 

With the demand for content growing through the COVID-19 crisis, Loren continued to give back to her followers. She released the very popular song, Alone, in July 2020.

Loren Gray TikTok Success

While Loren Gray is a major label recording artist, she sticks with what brought her to the dance — TikTok. She is the fourth-most followed personality on the site. 

Her diehard group of fans is known as the Angle Squad. There are 47 million Angle Squad members and growing!

This growth has caused her to branch out into other forms of entertainment. While Loren has her own Instagram account for us to keep up with, she has six others. Two of these accounts are for her dog, while another is just an avenue for the singer to act goofy.

Loren Gray Net Worth

Connecting to her audience has proven very successful for Loren. She has earned many sponsorship opportunities due to her TikTok following. Plus, Loren earns ad revenue from her YouTube page. 

Combining these virtual endeavors with her music contract with Virgin Records, Loren Gray is doing okay for a girl with a Musical.ly account that was made fun of by her peers. She’s laughing last with a net worth of around $3 million! 

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