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“I like the competitive part of it. I love to compete and I love to win.” – Loeya to Newsweek.

Loeya has a bit of the girl-next door vibe…and if she next door, she was probably beating you in some video games and then you were beating yourself after she left.

The Fortnite slayer isn’t the type of girl who gets caught up in cosplay or acting super sexy in front of the camera. She’s a hardcore gamer, with simple interests. That is what makes her so endearing, and ultimately, one of the hottest gamer girls.

The 20-year-old Swedish gamer rose to prominence through her Twitch channel. Her upbeat demeanor and bubbly personality won over millions as she played Fortnite on her stream. In one month alone, Loeya has brought in 2.8 million views to her 280 hours worth of content.

She rakes in $2.00 to $3.00 each of her $5.00 monthly subscriptions. With 55,000 monthly viewers coughing up the cash to watch her play, it’s safe to say Loeya’s gaming career is just getting started.

Growing up, the gamer played a lot of:

  • The Sims
  • League of Legends
  • Hearthstone

While she was addicted, her father was having none of it. As she recalled in her interview with Newsweek, “My dad wasn’t a fan of it. He hated me playing games.” She remembered that her mother used to be concerned that she wasn’t making friends. In her mother’s mind, her daughter spent too much time playing League of Legends. They didn’t understand that she was actually socializing with her peers through the game.

Now that she has made it big, Loeya believes her parents don’t mind her gaming habits as much. As she jokingly told the reporter, “I think he’s a lot more open to it now.”

Loeya Pictures

Loeya lives very modestly, which leaves a lot to the imagination. A majority of her Instagram pictures include selfies and pictures of her pussy. No, literally. Her pussy cat. We’ll even share the photographic evidence!

With that being said, Loeya enjoys her privacy. While she shares her personality through video, she doesn’t post much on her Instagram account. Everything is rather wholesome when she does post, which makes her an even bigger gamer babe for some!

Loeya Videos

Loeya is a Fornite fanatic. She keeps most of her videos geared to what brought her to the dance–gaming. With that being said, she is not afraid to venture off and spout off her personality. That includes singing, talking to an imaginary Chad, and hating tacos.

Some of Loeya’s videos will include anything from hairstyling tips to cameo appearances from TSM HighDistortion.

While Fortnite is what made Loeya explode in the first place, her archives down have a considerable amount of Counter Strike gameplay.

We say archives as if she is a grizzled veteran. However, her streaming career only began in July 2017. Therefore, her best years are still ahead of her.

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