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Caroline (Born: November 28, 1993) is a rising star in the gamer industry known to Twitch and YouTuber viewers as Lilchiipmunk. She is the current girlfriend of the popular streamer, Summit1g. Her game of choice is League of Legends. However, Caroline puts her talent on display with reaction videos, vlogs, and cosplay.

Lilchiipmunk Early Beginnings 

Not too much is known about Caroline. She’s tried very hard to maintain her anonymity. Most information about Lilchiipmunk online is pieced together by little tidbits she’s divulged. 

Her parents had a huge influence on her upbringing. They taught her the importance of remaining humble and true to yourself. That’s why even though Caroline ended up in a high profile couple, she’s still managed to have an aura of mystery surrounding her. 

Caroline has a mother whose lineage traces back to Romanian immigrants. Her father’s family has deep Vietnamese bloodlines. Both of these roots are clearly noticeable in her pictures, as Lilchiipmunk has an exotic, strong, yet wholesome look. 

This Sagittarius starlet grew up in the Great White North in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She maintains her citizenship in the home of the Blue Jays. However, she’s now based in Los Angeles, California

Growing up, she was taught to be bilingual. The whole Lilchiipmunk household speaks both English and Hebrew. She has two young sisters who are twins. They’re both still in high school, the same one in which Lilchiipmunk attended.

Lilchiipmunk Graduates High Schools, Starts Streaming

Caroline peaced out of high school in 2011. After graduation, Caroline opted out of going to college. She had enough studies. Thankfully, she already started taking steps towards procuring a better future.

During her academia, Lilchiipmunk launched her YouTube page. She started off slowly with League of Legends content. Lilchiipmunk would add commentary and show off her feisty side as she played along. 

Eventually, she started sprinkling in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive videos and reactions to the latest episodes of The Walking Dead. 

The soon-to-be graduate was gaining fanfare rather quickly. After she graduated and felt exhausted by studies, Caroline weighed the pros and cons of streaming full-time. 

In the end, she decided to hang up her cap and gown and grab a remote control. Lilchiipmunk began her career trajectory towards becoming a full-time streamer. 

Lilchiipmunk Grows on Vine 

Lilchiipmunk started integrating her YouTube videos with Vines. The six-second recaps to her gameplay had people crossing over from the social app to her YouTube page. 

While Vine ended up going away, Lilchiipmunk did not. Her YouTube page still hovers around 60,000 subscribers. These numbers are mostly grown by people who are into her cosplay. 

Lilchiipmunk and Summit1g Date

The more Lilchiipmunk streamed, the more streaming became her life. In fact, it became her personal life, as well. In 2015, she started stanning popular YouTube and Twitch star, Jaryd Lazar. 

Jaryd is known to the world as Summit1g. He is a highly-accomplished Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player. In fact, he’s won many tournaments surrounding this battle royale game. That’s how him and Caroline hooked up in the first place. 

Caroline started following Summit1g closely. She started going to his tournaments to watch him perform. Eventually, the two started to get to know one another.

At this time, Summit1g was also going through a divorce. He was married to Desirae Lazar. Desirae is also an accomplished gamer. The couple married in 2013. 

Their dissolution would happen a mere two years later. Many believe that Lilchiipmunk may have had something to do with this marriage’s breakup made in gaming heaven.

Lilchiipmunk and Summit1g still keep a low profile. They will post the occasional picture together. Hotspots for the twosome include small pizza places. However, they pride themselves on being Subway fast-food restaurant aficionados. Hey, a couple of that footlongs together, stays together! 

Lilchiipmunk Twitch and YouTube Controversies

Lilchiipmunk knows where her bread is buttered. She’s an attractive gamer who looks awesome in character outfits and funky attire. So, she likes to show her assets off.

As her popularity grew, so did Lilchiipmunk’s neckline. Many people started to feel Lilchiipmunk was showing off too much body on her streams. She was known for a lot of shots of her stockings, too. These made some people feel uncomfortable and complain to Twitch about her account. 

Those opposed to Lilchiipmunk call her a “booby streamer.” At one point, she got banned on YouTube for doing an explicit dance in a video. 

Gaming Community Questions Lipchiipmunk’s Skill 

Now, people question how Lilchiipmunk got on the Diamond League. They say that her teammates pick up the slack during battle royale play. 

Also, people question her tactics. They’ve accused the gamer of soliciting donations for equipment during League of Legends. Those who follow this eSport are first to admit that it’s pay-to-win. 

Essentially, the more equipment you stack your player with, the greater chances you have at succeeding. Therefore, many believe Lilchiipmunk doesn’t have any actual skill. Instead, she’s bought her notoriety, which in turn, has earned her even more money!

LilChiipmunk Career Timeline

Caroline has come very far since she first launched her YouTube channel on December 12, 2011. Since then, her videos amass an average of 200,000 views per upload.  

While gaming is what introduced the world to LilChiipmunk on YouTube, she started to switch gears into vlogging and cosplay. That’s the main content for her YouTube page to this day. 

Since then, Lilchiipmunk has switched her focus over to her Twitch stream. Here she does most of her gaming and spends most of her hours online. 

While League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are her top two picks, she also plays a lot of H1Z1 and other post-apocalyptic games. 

Her hard work has earned Lilchiipmunk entry into the Diamond League. Now, she is a member of Team AKA GG.long.

Notable teammates include:

  • Areios
  • Faellu
  • Heisendong

With her growing popularity, Lilchiipmunk became an official Twitch partner in 2015. She mostly plays Katarina in League of Legends. All of her earnings through gaming and cosplay has nabbed this starlet from Toronto, a net worth around $200,000.

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