Elizabeth Dwyer

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LDShadowLady, Lizzie



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United Kingdom

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“Minecraft is love. Minecraft is life.” This is what 26-year old Brit Elizabeth Dwyer quotes on her popular YouTube channel constantly. Elizabeth is a cute little British YouTube Gamer, known for her exceptional skills in playing Minecraft. She is most known for her single-player series but loves to play with her Fiancé and fellow YouTuber.

Her fame didn’t exactly start with Minecraft though, as she initially created a channel in an attempt to perfect her Call of Duty skills. That didn’t work out too well for her, as the video only lasted about 12 seconds. This is when she discovered Minecraft and she has been successful ever since.

It was not just the basic gameplay of Minecraft that made Lizzie rise to fame, but rather the games she created (with the help of others) within the Minecraft universe. Most of these seemed to consist of pranking/trolling other players, which is just plain awesome.

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Lizzie loves posing for the camera, and she does a damn good job at it. She is a sight for sore eyes and clearly loves animals and even snowboarding! A lot of her recent pics include her soon to be husband, Joel. That is one lucky man!

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With 4.5 million YouTube subscribers and counting, Lizzie is just beginning her fame and is on track for millions of more followers to come. Yes, it is 99% Minecraft content but with an accent like that, we could listen to her stream anything at all.

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