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Lauren Weber

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New York, New York

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Welcome Z-Siders (which her fans are beginning to refer to themselves as now). Things get a little weird here, as Lauren flat out says on her YouTube channel description. Lauren is best known for her video game playthroughs with added comedic commentary and jump-cut editing style.

The way she plays video games and records her wacky reactions through audio and video is extremely entertaining. From the variety of voice pitches to the facial expressions and hand gestures, it is definitely something to watch.

Although she took a brief break (4 years actually) from the YouTube world to pursue a college degree, she is doing quite well with 2.7 “Z-Siders” and counting. She was even just recently nominated for Best in Gaming at the Shorty Awards 2019 which is a HUGE accomplishment for her.

LaurenzSide Pictures

Lauren seems to enjoy taking several selfies of herself, and rightfully so as she is just extremely gorgeous. Her cute and unique poses along with that beautiful colored hair makes them easy to scroll through. You’ll even notice her rocking some of her merch. Check it out here!

LaurenzSide Videos

Lauren is very up to date in posting videos, as she mentions she tries to post one every day (except Mondays and Wednesdays). She loves creating hilarious videos so make sure you’re ready for a good laugh. Her reactions and commentary are priceless!

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