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Lauren Godwin – Famousss.com Lauren Godwin – Famousss.com

Lauren Godwin and Sebastian Bails

Lauren Godwin

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Lauren Godwin (Born: February 21, 2000) is one of the most popular TikTok personalities in the world. She has become an overnight sensation, earning almost 20 million followers worldwide. She is most known for her eclectic style, wild hairdos, and amazing viral videos.

Lauren Godwin Early Beginnings 

Lauren Godwin just sees herself as an everyday woman having fun. She is still the same humble, good-time-loving person she’s always been. Her heart is as big as Texas, which makes sense. After all, she is a native of the Lone Star State!

The rising starlet grew up in Houston, Texas. She is the only child o Christopher and D’An Godwin.

Lauren was always a notorious klutz. She even has the scars to prove it. Once, her father was teaching the future star how to ride a bike. Unfortunately, Lauren hit her head on the height limiter. When this happened, her forehead immediately starting gushing blood. To this day, she has a very visible scar to commemorate this accident. 

Growing up, Lauren had a hard time fitting in. She believes that her weight and the bullying mentality of teenagers caused her to withdraw. While she didn’t mingle with her peers in school, she had a lot of friends online. 

Her personality was always bold, but Lauren was also a bit shy. Once people broke her out of her shell, Lauren was always cracking jokes, dancing, and singing for anyone around. 

Lauren Godwin Joins Musical.ly

While TikTok has just blown up, the platform has been around in some incarnation for quite some time. Musical.ly officially launched on August of 2014.

Her friends heard about it, bringing up the platform at the cafeteria in high school. Lauren thought that the app sounded like fun. It seemed right down her alley, since Lauren was already managing YouTube accounts for burgeoning viral stars. 

Ahead of the curve, Lauren almost immediately made the account. At first, musical.ly was almost a dead zone. However, the empty arena allowed Lauren time to hone her craft. 

Lauren Godwin Gains a Following on Musical.ly

She would work on getting her confidence first. As a plus-sized girl, Lauren relied on gimmicks as a crutch to build that confidence. She would hide behind elaborate costumes and over-the-top antics to feel okay performing in front of others. 

Mostly, she would perform comedy videos. It worked. Not only were people laughing, but Musical.ly started featuring her on the front page. 

While Musical.ly didn’t come close to the sensation its predecessor TikTok would; the social media platform did create quite a buzz. After all, there had to be a reason as to why TikTok would acquire the assets in the first place!

Lauren Godwin Wins a Shorty Award 

Lauren was starting to really ride high in the viralsphere. People started donating to her. Plus, she began earning ad revenue for the increasing amount of views her videos kept pulling in. 

All of this money was used wisely. Lauren ended up investing it back into her act. She bought over 50 wigs to switch up her content. Millions of people became enamored with her, wondering with Lauren would do next.

This accomplishment caught the eyes o the Shorty Awards. She was nominated for the 2016 Muser of the Year. Much to the surprise of no one, Lauren Godwin took home the prize!

In the small, but buzzing following Musical.ly was garnering, Lauren was crushing it. She slowly became one of the top channels to view on Musical.ly. Her views topped over the one billion mark, which was a huge milestone for that growing platform. 

That success would translate over and, inevitably, explode when TikTok became the next major craze. 

Lauren Godwin on TikTok

TikTok officially purchased Musical.ly in November of 2017. Like many other hot Musical.ly acts, Lauren Godwin made the migration over to the new buzzing platform. 

At first, Lauren didn’t know where to begin. She would mouth along to a lot of comedic videos. Lauren would also perform sketches for her audiences.

These acts would slowly catch on. So, Lauren decided to expand her following. The starlet began creating content on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Now, she has millions upon millions of followers across all platforms. 

Lauren Godwin Personal Life 

Not only is Lauren entertaining, but she is a sweet person. She has captivated the hearts of millions. However, she has claimed the heart of fellow TikToker, Sebastian Bails. 

The two collaborate on content together. They perform duets like No Scrubs or create clickbait content, such as Sebastian giving Lauren a breakup note. 

The two believe that creating cringe content is key to getting people to watch your channel. 

As Lauren explained to NBC News,

“We’re considered the two most cringiest people on the app so we thought, like, what better way than to make a duo out of it and embrace the cringe.”

It’s working! They have billions of views and millions of followers. The couple also have the millions of dollars that go along with such success. 

Lauren Godwin Other Media Appearances

Lauren was a bit of a self-professed (and proud) introvert in high school. She withdrew from a lot of her peers, preferring to chat with her virtual friends. Like many outcasts, she survived high school by sticking close during school hours to the people in the drama club.

During her high school year, Lauren dabbled in acting. Her natural talent was apparent. However, she didn’t hone her craft onstage. All of her acting chops were developed on the at-once empty Musical.ly stage to the worldwide stage that is TikTok.

Now, Lauren is dipping her toes back into the acting waters. With her comedic timing down, Lauren accepted some more roles onstage. She started on a web series in 2017 called Mishaps. 

Following that release, she took a little time to audition and read other roles. Lauren would finally settle upon Lights, Camera, Action. 

In addition to her TikTok account, the creator has started to branch out to growing her YouTube following and Instagram following. She has millions of followers on these pages and creates exclusive content for her loyal base on these outlets, too.

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