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Lauren Cliffe – Famousss.com Lauren Cliffe – Famousss.com

Lauren Cliffe

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Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England

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This blonde-haired, blue-eyed beaut isn’t just easy on the eyes. Laura Cliffe, 1/2 of Charlie & Lauren, is also a rad chick with a fun sense of humor, boasting over 3 million likes on @charlieandlauren_ TikTok. This Famousss star is more than just half of a YouTube power couple. She is also a model, influencer, and entrepreneur. No wonder why the world can’t get enough of this 28-year-old starlet from England. Laura Cliffe is cherri-oh so fine, successful, and Famousss. 

Laura Cliffe’s Net Worth

This YouTube star has been making travel vlogs since 2018, and she’s already raking in some dinero. Laura Cliffe’s net worth is $250,000 and is climbing by the day.

Most of Laura Cliffe’s income comes from her content creations. She runs a YouTube channel with her boyfriend Charlie Pauly called Charlie & Lauren. Their channel has 23.8k subscribers as of January 2022.

Most of their content started as travel vlogs, especially when they were living in Bali. However, they’ve transitioned to shorter-form TikTok style content, which has seen a significant increase in views. They are garnering around 3,000 views within a couple of weeks. In no time, they will beat their top video Costs Of Living On A Narrowboat – Narrowboat Costs Breakdown. It was posted on May 24, 2020 and has almost 89k views as of January 2022. 

The average Charlie & Lauren video gets around 10k views. So, almost every video on their website is qualified to receive kickbacks for YouTube ads.

You can also see Laura Cliffe hocking goods for social media brands and destination spots to her 309k @charlieandlauren_ Instagram followers, including:

The @charlieandlauren_ TikTok has 51.7k followers and over 3.3 million cumulative likes. While Lauren Cliffe is a regular on the FYP feed, she doesn’t quite have the clout of other Famousss TikTok stars, like Reza JacksonKaren Mendoza, and Kelladactyl. However, the twosome will get there in time. 

Laura Cliffe’s Eary Life & Family

Laura Cliffe was born in 1994 in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England. The future content creator grew up a bit of a tomboy. She remembers running around in jeans and getting her knees muddy. Laura believes that her desire to explore began at this age and never really stopped. 

Laura Cliffe’s parents’ names are Sam (mom) and Ben (dad). She describes them as “loving” and “supportive.” They gave her everything she needed, which made breaking away from the pack so challenging. 

While we don’t know their name, Laura has at least one sibling. She also has a nephew named Thomas. 

Laura Cliffe’s Rise to Fame

Laura Cliffe wandered aimlessly through life, just enjoying it for what it is. She did many odd jobs, including a gig at Nando’s, to make ends meet while she explored her academic career and pondered her next moves. However, nothing seemed to sit just right with her. She knew she was destined for more and felt that she needed to leave Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England to find it.

Many times throughout her teens and early 20s, Laura would jump in a car and take random road trips. She would go on many of these expeditions alone, just hoping for a few moments of feeling free. 

Laura Cliffe’s ascension into the Famousss started when she met her boyfriend Charlie Pauly. The two met after Laura made a spontaneous flight to Australia. Once they locked in on each other, the two were content creator gold…and are looking to live happily ever after.

Laura Cliffe’s Relationships

Laura Cliffe has been dating Charlie Pauly for over five years. Charlie Pauly and Laura Cliffe started dating on October 24, 2016. 

The two met when Laura decided to live in Australia. She would move about different countries, meet people, and explore cultures. After four months Down Under, Laura ran out of money.

The future star realized her travels had to slow down for the time being. She decided to take a flight home and earn more money so she could come back to Australia. However, fate intervened. 

Laura Cliffe met Charlie Pauly in Australia. However, they both grew in the same town and went to the same school. Yet, they never even knew each other, except through mutual friends.

They both went on a shopping adventure alone when they would run into each other by chance. The two agreed to hang out and became immediately captivated by one another.

Laura recalls,

“We’d speak openly about how we never believed we’d find someone suited for us in our hometown, but sure enough, one date led to another, and so the story began.”

The two realized they had common goals. They wanted the see the world, and it became apparent very quickly that they wanted to see it all together.

So, they canceled their flights home and embarked on a journey together. To make ends meet, they decided to start a clothing brand called Wanderers and Warriors. They would promote these clothes on their Charlie and Lauren YouTube show. The twosome quickly gained support and found themselves on a path to the Famousss…and never looked back!

When Charlie and Lauren started traveling, they would stay hostels for $1 per night. After two months of documenting their travels on Instagram, they caught the attention of hotels in India, which put them up in five-star hotels. The travel influencers arrived, and they were about to jet-set all over our hearts. 

Laura Cliffe and Charlie Pauly seem solid. But hey, so did De’arra Taylor and Ken Walker of DK4L…and they broke up. So, anything can happen. We’ll keep you updated on Charlie Pauly and Laura Cliffe’s relationship.

Rumors and Controversies About Laura Cliffe

Laura Cliffe may have done some thrifty and maybe even misdemeanor-worthy things to make ends meet while in Australia. 

However, this girl has a mostly squeaky clean image. So, there aren’t many controversies or rumors about Laura Cliffe. But we’ll keep you updated on the latest breaking news on this viral sensation!

Other Notable Facts About Laura Cliffe

Laura has a soft spot for salty snacks. You can catch crunching on some Cheeto’s or Pop Crisps.

Laura Cliffe has type 2 Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome (MRKH). It means that her ovaries work, but her vagina is small, and she has no uterus. Laura Cliffe doesn’t have periods. She can’t have children but might be interested in adopting one day. Her lust for traveling and reason for going to Australia was because she wanted to prove to herself that there was more to life than having a baby.

Since she has this rare condition, it’s easy to assume that Laura Cliffe has 46 XX chromosomes.

This isn’t her only medical problem. She had scoliosis at two years old but was able to correct her condition without a brace. At five, the future star would experience hearing problems and had grommets inserted into her ears. 

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