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Lauren Kobayashi Riihimaki 

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United States

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5' 4"

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Lauren Kobayashi Riihimaki is a Canadian-born vlogger. However, she also has a bit of the entertainment chops. On top of vlogging, Riihimaki also raps, sings, and acts. Her YouYube page currently has almost 9 million subscribers and over 960 million views.

This multi-faceted superstar rose to fame on the back of a niche that wasn’t even mentioned above! We’re talking about the DIY sector of YouTube viewer. Back before YouTube was a source of income for thousands, Lauren uploaded her first video to the social platform. Under the screen name LaurDIY, Riihimaki uploaded videos that revolved around DIY and fashion tutorials.

While LaurDIY sticks to what got her to dance, she does branch out and shows other facets of her life. Every Wednesday, the star has a vlog on her LaurDIY YouTube channel. She also hosts many interactive challenges with her viewers. One of the most popular is the clothing hauls. The other major passion LaurDIY shares on her channel is music.

LaurDIY likes to play her music for her fans. In return, the fans love what she does. After all, the most popular video on her channel is a song called “My Side.” With 30 million views, this video features her boyfriend, Andrew Wassabi.

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