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Laura Mellado – Famousss.com Laura Mellado – Famousss.com

Laura Mellado and Victor Hallman

Laura Mellado

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Whittier, California

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This brown-eyed brunette is the milf on the YouTube channel, LVE FAMILY. Her channel features videos of Laura Mellado, her husband, Victor Hallman, and their son, Elliot. They have another child in 2021. She currently has over 20.5 million views on her @aurasmellado TikTok page, making her a growing presence in the world of the Famousss  

Laura Mellado’s Net Worth

Laura Mellado has a vested interest in her mother’s clothing store. Conveniently enough, her mom’s name is also Laura. So, this business venture is known as Laura’s Boutique

In fact, a Q&A about Laura’s Boutique was the first post on what has now become the LVE FAMILY YouTube page

To this day, Laura Mellado is very involved with her mother’s business. Her face is on all marketing material and is namedropped on many pages of the website. 

Laura’s Boutique sells new and used clothes in a quaint Whittier, California storefront. Since COVID-19, they’ve really stepped up their online shop, which has helped Laura Mellado’s net worth hit $1,500,000. 

Her love for fashion helped launched this Spanish American’s YouTube page. She started creating vlogging content about fashion trends. 

Eventually, Laura’s fashion sense, content, and her mother’s boutique all caught the eye of James Charles. His endorsement really propelled Laura Mellado to the next level.

To this day, Laura Mellado and James Charles are still really close. They even released a recent video called WHO KNOWS ME BETTER ? LOUIE CASTRO VS JAMES CHARLES!

The store ended up growing in popularity. They curated a section of clothes based on Laura’s aesthetics. These items would sell out quickly. So, Laura’s Boutique ended up growing too big. They moved to Santa Ana, California. This boutique is still an Orange County hotspot.

She also has a growing presence on TikTok. Her @aurasmellado TikTok account has over 20.5 million likes and 717,000 followers. Most of her videos are comedic, showing off a saucy Latin temper. 

Her husband plays along as a submissive and doting husband who adores his wife’s curvaceous body. He’s also not afraid to let loose and show off his booty in TikTok leggings

Laura Mellado’s Family and Early Life 

The Mellado family has always been a tight-knit group. Most of their days were spent at Laura’s Boutique. The family would help sort clothes and set up displays. At a young age, Laura was allowed to design one wall with five outfits. These walls always seemed to be the biggest hits. 

So, her mom would continue to put the child to work. Her employment created lifelong memories. It also created the foundation Laura needed to become a Famousss millionaire. 

While her mom’s story is pretty well-known, we don’t know much about Laura Mellado’s dad. It also appears Laura was the only child. So, that would explain the tight bond she has with her mother and why she continues to prop her mom’s business up.

Laura Mellado’s Rise to Fame

Laura’s Boutique started in 2012. The younger Mellado was a key part of its success from day one. 

Eventually, Laura would launch a YouTube page on August 16, 2016. Her first video was called ABOUT ME AND LAURA’S BOUTIQUE. It was released on January 18, 2017.

She always grinded as she expressed in the video I HAVE TO GET SOMETHING OFF MY CHEST. In this video, she tearfully remembers having to pick out discount clothes to sell at different stores every weekend to make ends meet. 

Thankfully, that hard work paid off when James Charles noticed Laura’s Boutique. Now, Laura is a credible force on YouTube. Ever since she met her husband Victor Hallman, her page has blown up. 

Depending on post views, each video can earn up to $45,000 in ad revenue. Laura gets a good chunk of that. These earnings are expected to go up since the gender reveal that the Mellados are having another boy to be a little brother to Elliott. 

Additionally, Laura Mellado has a large Twitter following. Her @lauramellado Twitter page has almost 300,000 followers. 

Laura Mellado’s Relationship

Laura Mellado is in a long-term relationship with Victor Hallman. Nobody knows when they first started dating, but it’s rumored to be around 2013 or 2014. 

The two met at Disneyland. At this point, Laura’s Instagram page @lauramellado was already starting to grow traction. Today, she has 1 million followers. But then, she was probably around half!

When she walked by his ticket booth with her then-boyfriend, he still said hi. Two weeks later, Laura dumped her boyfriend. She and Victor have been together ever since. 

They had their first date at Disneyland. The House of the Mouse was also where Victor proposed, AND where Laura told Victor that she was pregnant! 

When her page first launched, Victor wasn’t in any content. Much of the videos surrounded Laura’s Boutique. She had a large gap in creating content between 2017 and late 2018. Elliott was already running around by the time she rebranded her channel as the LVE FAMILY. By then, it seemed like Victor was ready for a life in front of the camera. 

There doesn’t seem to be any cracks in their foundation. The family has a ton of TikToks together. They like to dance and do comedic skits. There are also many videos of Victor doing Laura’s nails. 

She really loves Victor. In fact, she got his birthday tattooed on butt. Laura revealed the tattoo in the video GETTING A TATTOO OF MY FIANCE AND SURPRISING HIM

Since then, the two have gotten married. They also announced in December 2020 that another baby is on the way. Recently, we learned that Elliott is going to be a big brother to another Hallman boy. 

Laura Mellado’s Rumors and Controversies

Laura Mellado has always stayed away from drama. She’s in a very solid relationship and has a steady business outside of YouTube. 

Her mother really drilled home the importance of a solid work ethic. As a result, Laura doesn’t have any known rumors or controversies. 

However, the life of being Famousss makes it easier to get in a little trouble. So, we’ll keep you updated on any breaking scandals with this Hispanic beauty

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