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Lalisa Manoban

Lalisa Manoban

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Buriram Province, Thailand

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Lalisa “Lisa” Manoban [f/k/a Pranpriya Manoban] (born: March 27, 1997) is a Thai-born rapper who is a member of the widely popular South Korean girl group, BLACKPINK. Their YouTube page has over 43 million subscribers to date, giving Lalisa an estimated $2 million net worth and counting.

Lalisa Manoban Early Beginnings

Lalisa was born as Pranpriya Manoban in Buriram Province, Thailand. Her Thai mother raised her as a single mother before marrying Pranpriya’s Swiss stepfather. 

From her early days at Praphamontree School I and II, Pranpriya expressed interest in all things South Korean pop culture. She cited her most significant influences as 2NE1 and Big Bang. 

The future Lalisa took dance classes at the age of four. She earned herself as one of the eleven members of We Zaa Cool. Pranpriya even got to dance with BamBam of Got7 fame. With BamBam, We Zaa Cool earned a 2009 Special Team Award for the LG Entertainment Million Dream Sanan World Competition.

Pranpriya finishes the year representing her school in a singing contest hosted by the Moral Promotion Center of Thailand. She finished as a runner-up. This setback didn’t deter the future Lalisa. She joined YG Entertainment in 2010.

Lalisa Manoban Joins YG Entertainment

Never one to turn to down a competition, Pranpriya went up against 4,000 other applicants to earn a contract with YG Entertainment. She became their first Thai trainee in 2011. 

After years of honing her craft, Pranpriya became Lalisa. She landed her first modeling gig in March 2015 for Nona9on streetwear. Shortly after, Lalisa did a campaign for Moonshot, a South Korean cosmetics company.

Lalisa and BLACKPINK

Lalisa was already on an upwards trajectory in mid-2016 with her modeling gigs. However, she made a life-changing decision to join a four-girl group known as BLACKPINK.

Their debut album was called Square One. It was supported by hits Whistle and Boombayah. Since then, they’ve amassed tons of fans and singles. Each video has at least four million views. One of the most popular, DDU-DU DDU-DU)’ M/V, was released in 2018. So, far it has over one billion views.

In July 2019, BLACKPINK released their first Japanese studio album, BLACKPINK In Your Area. They also released a follow-up to their highly successful first album with the aptly named Square Two. 

Lalisa Joins Real Man 300

Lalisa has perhaps the most crossover appeal of the BLACKPINK members. She landed a role on the reality show, Real Mean 300. As a castmember, Lalisa undergoes the schedule of a person enrolled in the Korea Army Academy. 

Real Men 300 airs on the MBC channel. Lalisa was such a hit that she won Character of the Year on the 2018 MBC Awards. She is still a member of the show as of today. 

Lilifilm Official YouTube Page Launches

At the start of 2019, Lalisa launched her own YouTube channel, Lilifilm Official. This page focuses more on her traveling and lifestyle endeavors, rather than her music. There is a lot of beauty-related content and dance videos. As of 2020, the channel has around four million subscribers. 

Moonshot Ambassador 

Three years after her successful campaign with Moonshot, Lalisa became their official brand ambassador. On July 25, 2019, Moonshot launched six products inspired by the pop star exclusively in Thailand. 

Telecommunications Ambassador

With her popularity on the rise, telecommunications started to cash in. She became the highest-paid brand ambassador for GSM phone operations in March 2019. 

The campaign that used Lalisa was a smashing success. It was dubbed the highest-rated commercial throughout Thailand. 

Hot off her success, she became the official brand ambassador in Thailand for the Samsung Galaxy S10. The official campaign kicked off on May 19, 2019. 

Following that launch, Lalisa became a featured character in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. This mobile game is available in the Android App Store. In Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, Lalisa appears on their “Midnight Party” package. With this deal, she also became an ambassador for the app.

Lifestyle Ambassador 

The likeability factor of Lalisa has caught on with the masses. She’s now branched outside of content creation and tech endorsements to reach those in the health and wellness sector. 

Lalisa inked a significant deal with Adidas in January 2020. Her and Mino of YG Entertainment’s Miro donned sportswear for the SS20 season. 

Lalisa Grows in China 

In 2020, Lalisa became a dance mentor on the Chinese hit show, iQiyi’s Youth With You 2. Her popularity earned the star some great endorsement opportunities in China. 

Lalisa became the brand spokesperson for the China fabric company, D&G Downy, in May. Shortly after, Lalisa became the face of Zhengouli. They are the Chinese yoghurt brand for the country’s largest dairy company, Mengniu Dairy.

With her stock continuing to rise, Lalisa closed out June 2020 with an endorsement deal for the Chinese mobile game, Brawl Stars. This announcement marked the beginning of a partnership between Lalisa and Supercell. 

Lalisa is officially the most followed K-pop star on Instagram. Her account has over 37 million followers and counting. 

Lalisa Modeling Success

Modeling has always been a fallback for Lalisa. She nailed her first solo cover, donning the front of Thailand’s May 2019 Harper’s Bazaar. According to the magazine’s distributor, MEI, all 120,000 copies of the magazine sold. 

That’s almost unheard of in the internet age. In fact, most times, only 30,000 copies of a magazine are printed. Sometimes, high-tier celebs get 60,000 for circulation. The anticipation of Lalisa’s cover still exceeded expectations that were already set high!

Lalisa attended the 2020 Celine Fashion Show for Men’s Spring-Summer Collection. The event took place during Paris Fashion Week. The star wore Celine’s Triomphe bag to the event. Sales immediately went up by 66%!

Lalisa Charity Work

Lalisa isn’t just talented. She’s good-hearted, too. She acted quickly after the 2019 monsoon ravaged the Thailand islands. Thirty-two provinces were flooded during this natural disaster.

Thai beauty blogger, Koi Onusa, leaked that Lalisa donated $100,000 to help the cause. Turns out, Onusa is Lalisa’s cousin. They confirmed that Lalisa gave famous Thai actor, Bin Bunluerit, the money. He ran a foundation to help those who were forced to evacuate their homes due to the flooding. 

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