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Lachlan Ross Power (Born: August 25, 1995) is a YouTube star who uploads streams of himself playing Fornite almost every day. He’s taken part in many competitive events and has grown popular on various platforms for playing Minecraft with other top gaming stars. 

Lachlan Early Beginnings

Lachlan was born in Australia. He still lives there, currently residing in Brisbane, Queensland. He has one known sibling, a brother named Mitchell Loser. 

Lachy joined YouTube on March 19, 2013. Almost immediately, he started uploaded content.

The first relevant content in Lachlan’s career came in June 2013. He started the Pokeballers Pixelmon Server. This platform started off in one region. Since then, it has expanded to servers all over the world. 

Lachlan Pixeltown Pixelmon Server 

By September 2014, Pixelmon was growing. With the addition of multiple small servers, players can play any style of Pixelmon they’d like whenever.

This successful replication allowed Lachlan to turn the games into a custom Kanto Map. The Kanto Map came with NPC trainers and chest looters. 

Lachlan couldn’t do all this work alone. He got help from other avid gamers who are popular among the YouTube community. 

Some of the people he worked with on the launch of Pixeltown Pixelmon Server included:

  • OMGItsAliA
  • Little Lizard
  • TinyTurtle
  • Vikkstar123

After this endeavor, Pokeballers Pixelmon Server was able to replicate the Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen video games. The server is a Minecraft-inspired replica of the 1st series of Pokémon Anime. 

Much of the quests follow the Pokémon Anime game flow. However, the group did come up with some original concepts that led to an explosion in this platform’s popularity. 

Lachlan and How to Minecraft

Minecraft became increasingly influential in Lachlan’s life. At the end of 2014, he joined a server known as How to Minecraft. 

This server expanded on his last inner circle, now including:

  • Ali-A
  • BajanCanadian
  • ChocoTheChocobo
  • JeromeASF
  • Kenny or KenworthGaming
  • Little Lizards
  • MrWoofless
  • Pewdiepie
  • TBNRfrags
  • Vikkstar123

These videos gained 1,000 more views than his original videos and earned him around 200 to 200 more followers. 

This success led to many spin-offs. Lachlan created red vs. blue servers to create a How to Minecraft 2 and How to Minecraft 3. Both advancements saw red server vs. blue server themes.

By the time How to Minecraft 4 came out, Lachlan was a huge success. He was now using this platform to shine a light on new YouTube talent, including Nice Posture Gang, LaakeB, and TheInfamousQuiff.

Lachlan Plays Minecraft

After learning How to Minecraft, now you have to play it! His first name when he signed up for Minecraft in 2013 was CraftBattleDuty. He officially changed the name to Lachlan in 2014. 

The first avatar he created was a blonde male. The skin rocked a red hoodie. However, he has adapted the elf as his official avatar now that he plays Fortnite regularly. 

Lachlan and Pokémon Go

In 2016, Lachlan jumped on the Pokémon Go craze. He updated his first vlog about this app on July 6, 2016. It received great fanfare.

People loved Lachlan’s videos because he captured rare Pokémon, including two wild Dragonites. Viewers would laugh along as Lachlan continued to miss out on capturing Lapras. 

He would update his page every day with vlogs about the popular game. His last Pokémon Go video came over a year later on August 21, 2017. He uploaded a video discussing the most Mewtwos he has seen in a Legendary Raid. 

After, Lachlan fell out of love. First, he felt the craze had died down. However, he was not a fan of Niantic updating the schedules. Plus, he and others started paying more attention to other games following Pokémon Go Fest.

Lachlan and Fortnite

While Lachlan is a huge Pokémon fan, he started to branch out into other arenas. For over the past few years, his page has become synonymous with Fortnite. 

He played his first game against his future good friend, Muselk. Through Fortnite, Lachlan formed his first group called The Pack. These players include:

  • BajanCandian
  • JeromeASF
  • TBRNfrags
  • MrWoofless

With them, Lachlan participates in various challenges, fashion shows, and other activities within the world of Fortnite. His relationship is particularly close with Vikkstar123. As a result, Lachlan is closely linked to other members of The Sidemen.

A lot of allegiances bleed over into other groups. Lachlan is also regularly seen playing with members of the Click Crew, which includes his old friend, Muselk.

Members of the Click Crew include:

Lachlan Expands Server with the Sidemen

As part of The Pack, Lachlan has gotten close to the Sidemen, thanks to Lachlan’s relationship with Vikkstar123. Since becoming friends with the Sidemen, Lachlan has started working more with Josh and Simon. 

Sidemen live in London. Whenever Lachlan is in the city, he stays with the group at their hoes. 

Through this partnership, Lachlan has gained even more exposure. The Sidemen and he have produced videos of the group playing games like Rocket League and Golf. 

Lachlan and Mitchell Loser 

As his career blossomed, Lachlan found himself relying on those he trusts most. Namely, he’s gotten pretty close with his brother, Mitchell Loser.

Mitchell’s Minecraft name is Fight_Power. As Fight_Power, Mitchell remains an administrator for Lachlan’s Pokeballers Pixelmon server. 

Pixelmon Gets Pulled By Nintendo

What keeps Lachlan going is the fact that he, Mitchell Loser, Vikkster123, and the Sidemen keep working on servers. They enjoy putting their creative minds together and expanding on already established concepts. However, they love coming up with cutting-edge ideas that haven’t been seen before. Some gaming companies find this a little intimidating, as we’re about to discuss.

Together, Lachlan and crew had over seven servers, such as:

  • Pokeballer Regions (2 Custom Areas with the Player Gym Leaders)
  • Survival Map
  • Pixelmon Islands
  • Kanto Map
  • Build Server

Even more amazing, the Build Server used to become available to the public over various points. Unfortunately, Nintendo put the kibosh on it. They actually pulled the entire Pixelmon mod. 

That hasn’t stopped Lachlan from dreaming big. He started a server called Treasure Wars. The first season of this mod took place on the Forgotten Woods. This server seems very similar to the one that’s run by MrWoofless, TBNRFrags, and CosmicPvP. Guess it’s good to have friends in high places!

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