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Kelly Popp

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Plainfield, Illinois

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KPopp is a video game commentator with sass, shade and sarcasm. She is kind of considered an OG, seeing that she posted her first YouTube video back in 2006 of her doing a nose stall on a skateboard but didn’t post anything else until 2010. This was a gaming video and ultimately was the start of her fame with 526k subscribers to date. Let’s Play videos seem to be her most popular material as of lately.

Kelly says that you can catch her live streaming on Twitch, covering tons of different types of games, from Wednesday-Sunday @ 4pm CT.

KPopp Pictures 

As most do, Kelly likes to post the odd selfie of herself but the majority of her photos vary from one thing to another. One thing for sure is that she loves her 2 cats and appreciates good food (who doesn’t, right?)

KPopp Videos 

Let’s Play videos of a variety of videos games is what you’ll mostly find on KPopp’s YouTube channel. She even has a specific playlist that includes all videos of her competing against her current boyfriend and fellow YouTuber, Whiteboy7thst. Certainly worth the watch in our books.

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