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Shout out to the Great White North for blessing us with this 26 year old blonde-bombshell Canadian gamer and streamer. You can find her across all major social media platforms, where it seems to be quite obvious that she loves to not only game but travel as well.

Although she created her YouTube channel in 2013, Kristen did not begin posting videos until 2014 which is when her social media started to skyrocket and the number show: Followers on Twitter are 213k, 379k on Instagram, 629k on YouTube and 81k on Facebook.

You can even become part of the “KittyTeam” on Twitch and receive several perks by clicking here.

Kitty makes it quite clear that her Twitch streams are all about YOU (the viewer). After watching some of her live gaming streams you will notice that she is all about providing the viewers with entertainment by exposing them to different games and playing styles, but most importantly having fun (typical Canadian, Eh?).

Her game of choice seems to be Fortnite, where she combines fun play and random trolling of teammates to give her viewers the all-around experience.

She notes that some of her 2019 goals include learning to sail, travel more and of course increase the number of her followers/subscribers across all social media platforms.

KittyPlays Pictures

Kitty seems to be fairly active on social media, especially when posting pics on Instagram. This cute Canadian girl loves to post selfies but you will find no shortage of Fortnite clips from her live streaming or any pics from recent vacations as she loves to travel.

KittyPlays Videos

If you want some good laughs, her YouTube channel is where to find it. This channel is full of hilarious Fortnite clips of bloopers, trolling and just down right amazing plays on her behalf. Not into Fortnite? That’s okay because she has several other videos on health, travel and even cosplay! (*Drool*)

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