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You may not be too familiar with this YouTuber, as she currently stands at a mere 358k YouTube subscribers, but this is one chick that is still considered one of the most influential female gamers on YouTube today.

Prior to her YouTube fame, Suzy was a successful model which gives reason to why one of her 2 YouTube channels that she manages is dedicated to makeup tutorials and fashion alone. You can find that link here. In these videos, she refers to herself as “Mortem3r.”

Although she loves gaming, Suzy is also heavily into taxidermy, so much that she received her diploma in that area of expertise. If you are into that stuff, Suzie has a website where you can purchase items she has created herself (taxidermy related or not). Check it out here.

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Suzie poses more as a “dark” type of girl, especially when you see her more recent posts on Instagram and the darker colored shades of makeup she uses. Don’t worry though, you won’t find any of her taxidermy creations in plain site on any of her social media platforms.

It is obvious she loves her pets and reps her merch quite often, which seems to also be more on the “darker” side of things.

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You won’t find too many YouTube videos on her gaming channel where Suzie actually shows her face, as the majority only display her voice with gameplay or animated images. She gives no particular reason for this but is not uncommon in the YouTube world.

As for her secondary channel, this is where you will find her gorgeous face in almost every YouTube video. As aforementioned, this is the channel she dedicates to makeup tutorials and fashion. She even puts on fashion shows to display various outfits at low prices!

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