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Kiki Passo – Famousss.com Kiki Passo – Famousss.com

kiki passo

Christina Almeida

Also known as

Kiki Passo



Birth Place

Rio de Janeiro ,Brazil

Birth Sign




Net Worth




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This blonde-hair, blue-eyed hottie is a supermodel who loves to date athletes. Christina Almeida, known to the world as Kiki Passo, is an influencer with a banging bikini bod. This Brazillian bombshell is 23-years-old and is already making it rain. 

Kiki Passo’s Net Worth

Kiki Passo has brains, beauty, and bank receipts. She is a model, brand ambassador, and entrepreneur. All of Kiki Passo’s ventures total a $600,000 net worth. 

One of her most prominent sponsors is Manscaped. She promotes their attire and has a 20% off code. The starlet gets kickbacks for purchases made using her unique discount. 

Her most reliable income is generated through KikiPasso.co. The starlet creates exclusive pictorial content in lingerie and S&M gear. 

You can get a subscription to her website to get exclusive pictures. Plus, she direct messages everybody who subscribes every single day. Currently, subscriptions are $15.00 per month. However, she’s known to have sales as high as 70% off. 

You can find her flash sales (heavy emphasis on the “flash”) often on her @kikipasso Instagram account. As of January 2021, she has 1.3 million followers on this social media platform. 

In addition, she does regular work with Boutine LA and Fashion Nova.

She is trying to grow her TikTok following on @kikipasso. This account has 48,000 followers so far. However, if she keeps creating content where she’s making out with girls, those numbers might continue to rise! 

Kiki Passo’s Early Life and Family

Christina Almedia was born on May 19, 1997, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She hasn’t spoken much about her family or upbringing. 

As a child, the future Kiki Passo was very into fashion. She would watch all the red carpets for awards shows and cut out dresses she liked in magazines. 

All of this passion caused Kiki to start modeling. As she started getting more gigs, she decided to move to the United States. That’s where her career took off, and she became among the elite of Famousss.

Kiki Passo’s Rise to Fame

Kiki Passo’s first big break came when she became a model for Dan “Blitz” Bilzerian. This influencer and high-stakes poker semi-pro started a CBD company known as Ignite

One of his biggest initiatives to get Ignite off the ground was to start the Ignite Girls. She became one of their brand ambassadors in February 2019, creating an Instagram post holding one of their vape pens. 

A correspondent from Vice News attended an Ignite launch party, where Kiki Passo was photographed with the star. 

The author of the article noted, 

“It has to be said, Bilzerian and the models had absolutely zero banter as they posed together – there was no warmth, no Benny Hill-style frolicking. But he was polite enough to the rest of us, if slightly gruff.”

An article on Blitz’s business found they lost $67,000,000 in one year. Suffice to say; Kiki no longer works with Ignite. However, she did use them as a springboard to other opportunities. 

Kiki Passo’s Relationships

Kiki Passo is absolutely stunning. Anyone would want to be with her. However, she nabbed a college football player. Kiki Passo is dating Tate Marshall.

Tate Marshall is a quarterback for the esteemed Miami Hurricanes football franchise. He is earmarked to be a major player in the National Football League (NFL) one day. 

In a now-deleted tweet on June 30, 2019 she captioned a picture they cross-posted with “lucky me.” On July 7th that year, she posted another pic on Instagram with the flirty caption, “good thing you slid in my DMs.”

The couple has since broken up and deleted any presence of each other on their social media. However, there is still one old retweet on Kiki’s account sharing one o Tate’s post. She recaptioned it with “what a man.”

There are rumors of her dating Tommy Paul. She tweeted “tryna get wifed up or something” in October 2020. He playfully responded, “i gotchu.” 

The twosome also looked really cozy in a tweet that was sent out on January 10, 2021. So, we’ll keep you updated on anything that unfolds!

Kiki Passo’s Rumors and Controversies

Kiki’s whirlwind romance with Tate Marshall didn’t impress his family. The family has done a series of deleted tweets regarding the star. On Thanksgiving 2019, Tate Marshall’s mom Tafi wrote, “Kiki Passo was a horrible person.”

Other tweets went into more detail. They said that when Tate started dating Kiki that he stopped talking to his family. She said “Kiki was the reason.” 

Another tweet accused Kiki of sabotaging Tate’s football career. Tafi said that the model wanted the promising quarterback to quit the team. She wanted him to get a job that would support her as she tried to make it as a model. 

Fans commented on the ordeal, saying it was “sad” if true. Finally, Kiki stood up for herself.

In a tweet response posted in December 2019, Kiki stated:

“hi lorraine. that couldn’t be further from the truth as i’ve pushed him to keep going ever since he lost the job. i wholeheartedly believe in him and think he has a bright future ahead of him. and the people who are around us everyday know this.”

One New York Post article accused the young upstart of putting the game on the backburner for his girlfriend. In fact, he lost out on a QB opportunity with Miami. He had to take multiple leaves of absence. During that time, he was seen on social media celebrating with Kiki on a boat. 

Other Notable Facts About Kiki Passo

Kiki Passo loves traveling. It is her number one passion. Most of her pics involve her being in a bikini and on the water. 

She is also quite the exhibitionist. Kiki likes to show off her big breasts. Sometimes she even poses topless with her friends

No complaints from us. We’ll continue to look at whatever she’s putting out there! 

Kiki Passo is a strong liberal. She is always supporting #BlackLivesMatter. Also, she was a huge supporter of Joe Biden during the 2020 Presidential Election. During the inauguration, she retweeted Joe and Barack Obama posts. She didn’t like Donald Trump and what he stood for, and made it very clear on her social media. 

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