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This 33-year old from Austin, Texas, is one hot mama who knows how to sell. Kelly Wonderlin is an influencer, author, model, and engagement speaker. She is a blonde-haired, blue-eyed mom and wife who likes to show off her sparky personality in comedic videos. While most of Kelly Wonderlin’s net worth is from hosting tech shows on her Kelly Wonderlin YouTube, 19.6K followers are drooling over the 5’9″ star’s posts on her @kellywonderlin Instagram. There’s no wonderin’ why Kelly Wonderlin has entered the world of the Famousss

Kelly Wonderlin’s Net Worth

Kelly Wonderlin is a hustler and works really hard to create her empire. She’s still got a lot of growing to do. The star has invested a lot of her money into her own brand. While that sounds smart on paper, she pivots careers a lot. So, she’s sort of chasing her own tail in circles sometimes. 

That’s why Kelly Wonderlin’s net worth is $125,000. $125,000 is a lot for the average person, but she’s about to break into the next stratosphere, now that Kelly Wonderlin is rubbing elbows with the Famousss

Most of Kelly Wonderlin’s money comes from endorsement deals. She hosts tech shows, unboxing, and produces reviews on her YouTube channel. The Kelly Wonderlin YouTube has 11.7k subscribers. 

She has created content for:

  • Cadillac Escalade
  • GoPro
  • Mastercard
  • Pizza Hut
  • Jins Blue Light Blocking Glasses
  • Samsung 65′ 4K Ultra
  • BedJet
  • Mercedes-Benz Toy Cars
  • And More

Her product reviews have landed Kelly Wonderlin on many outlets, including:

  • KABB FOX 29 San Antonio
  • FOX News
  • The List TV
  • And More

She also earns kickbacks for these reviews through her LikeToKnowIt page. Followers can shop her looks, favorite brands, and products that she reviewed.  

Kelly Wonderlin is also a published author. She penned Penelope the Pink Penguin

The synopsis for this children book reads as,

“Penelope wakes up every morning filled with happiness and joy. One day she gets teased for being pink and doesn’t feel beautiful or confident with how she looks anymore. When Penelope realizes that it’s okay to look different than others, she feels beautiful again.”

Kelly is hoping to turn this book into a series. It’s currently available at Barnes & Noble, as well as other book outlets.  

Kelly Wonderlin’s Family & Early Life

Kelly Wonderlin was born on March 20, 1988, in Oxford, Mississippi. This Southern gal was raised in a tight-knit family. She attended church regularly and loved to play outdoors. 

Not much is known about Kelly Wonderlin’s family. We don’t know the name of Kelly Wonderlin’s parents or if she has any siblings. These things inevitably come out when you’re living the life of the Famousss like Kelly Wonderlin is. So, we’ll keep you updated when this information becomes available. 

Upon graduation from high school, Kelly Wonderlin attended Ole Miss. During her time there, she earned a degree in Business Administration. This degree would prove handy as she uses it with every business venture she embarks upon.

Kelly Wonderlin’s Rise to Fame

Kelly Wonderlin has had a slow and steady climb to the top. She opened her YouTube channel on July 19, 2013. The star posted her first video called Horns Illustrated TV Intro on September 22, 2013. 

Her early videos were demo reels and ads to help draw traffic to her local publication Horns Illustrated. People became enamored with Kelly and started following her. 

Eventually, she started posting more on her @kellywonderlin Instagram account. With time, her engagement levels rose. That allowed Kelly to get more endorsement deals, which also opened the door for higher quality content revolving around big-ticket items that people actually care about. 

This bigger exposure gave Kelly Wonderlin leverage in the influencer community. She actually became an OG influencer. So Famousss stars like Alysssa AlbertsPaige Hathaway, and Tiffany Hart should thank Kelly Wonderlin for paving the way. 

Kelly Wonderlin’s Relationships

Kelly Wonderlin is a southern girl who is devoted to her family. Kelly Wonderlin is married to Arne Wonderlin. He is about five years older than her. She has a thing for men with this many years on her. She thinks they’re more on her maturity level than guys her own age. 

Arne and Kelly Wonderlin live in Austin, Texas, with their six-year-old daughter, Avery.

Kelly Wonderlin was diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarum five weeks into her pregnancy. She spent a long time at St. David’s Hospital during her pregnancy. Kelly was bedridden in the hospital for the last trimester. 

Avery stopped growing at 30 weeks. Doctors had to give Kelly two steroid shots to help Avery’s lungs develop. She made it to 35 weeks. Avery Julie Devin Woderlin entered the world on September 9, 2014, via C-section. 

In the past, Kelly Wonderlin dated an NFL player for a year. She didn’t reveal who this star was. However, she did say that she never attended a game!

Kelly Wonderlin’s Rumors & Controversies

You won’t find any rumors or controversies about Kelly Wonderlin. She’s a good Southern girl that we’d like to see act bad. Maybe one day!

Other Notable Facts About Kelly Wonderlin 

Kelly Wonderlin is the bionic woman. She has had over 20 surgeries on her ankles and knees! These issues arose from playing so much basketball growing up. 

Her favorite drink is Coca-Cola. Don’t came near her with a Diet Coke. That’s not how she rolls. 

While she is naturally dirty blonde, Kelly Wonderlin hates how it looks. She’s been dying her hair light blonde since she was 15 years old.

Kelly Wonderlin’s favorite vacation spot is Las Vegas, Nevada. She tries to go four times per year. 

During college, Kelly pierced her bottom lip. We wish we saw this. However, her parents did. They weren’t so happy and made the star take it out immediately. 

Her husband drives long-distance across the country. She used to go with him but stopped during the pandemic. Kelly Wonderlin went 100 days without seeing Arte during the pandemic. Meanwhile, Bryce Hall was throwing parties. Not all the Famousss are alike!

Kelly is petrified of bugs. She will scream at the sight of them and beg her husband to get rid of the creepy crawlers. 

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