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Kelsie is an all-natural cute brunette that started her fame back in 2013, when she began her YouTube and Twitch careers. She is destroying the Twitch and YouTube scene, having approx. 600k subscribers in each platform. Don’t be surprised if that number hits 7 digits by the end of 2019.

Kelsie keeps it pretty simple: If she’s gaming, she typically plays League of Legends live for her viewers and streams some highlights although she will post the occasional vlog. Her videos even sometimes include a guest appearance from her 2 cats (whether the invite was there or not).

You can find her streaming schedule here for the next couple months via vlog.

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Kelsie keeps everything simple, whether it’s with her appearance or her gameplay while live streaming. She doesn’t pose in lingerie or even play the most action-packed game, but that’s what makes her unique. She enjoys everyday life and loves playing with her cats and listening to music.

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We hope you like League of Legends, because that is the majority of what you will find on her YouTube channel. She posts a nice combination of gameplay highlights, fails and even goofy moments. Don’t forget to check out her occasional vlog too!

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