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Kaylyn Slevin – Famousss.com Kaylyn Slevin – Famousss.com

Kaylyn Slevin

Kaylyn Slevin

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Chicago, Illinois

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Kaylyn Slevin (Born: December 28, 2000) is an actress, model, and social media influencer. She has been linked in relationships with other Famousss stars. Most notably, she was officially dated (and subsequently dumped) Tayler Holder. Now, she is with football player Mycah Pittman and has become focused on her career. Kaylyn Slevin is looking to conquer the acting world and is taking it one gig at a time. 

Kaylyn Slevin Early Beginnings 

Kaylyn Slevin was born in Chicago, Illinois. Her parents are Kristyn and William Slevin.

Kaylyn had a great childhood. It involved a lot of playing outside and hanging out with friends. Of course, Kaylyn also spent a lot of time with her family. 

She credits her parents as a strong influence in her early years. In turn, she stayed out of trouble as she became a star. William and Kristyn help keep Kaylyn Slevin grounded. That’s why she still hangs out with them like they are her best friends. 

The Slevins were a tight bunch. They would do many things together, including going to plays and musicals. 

At a very early age, Kaylyn became enamored by the entertainment industry. She knew that she would have a future in it. 

At three, Kaylyn got involved with gymnastics. This sport helped her create flexibility that would prove useful as she transitioned into dance. 

Kaylyn would continually nag her parents to get involved in dance school. They were a little apprehensive as she was just four-years-old. However, the child was adamant. So, they acquiesced. 

Kaylyn Slevin Dance and Theatre Experience 

At the tender age of four, Kaylyn Slevin started her career path. She enrolled in dance school. The budding star took to this art form immediately. 

Kaylyn Slevin kept on dancing but started to express interest in acting. Her parents already saw their investment in dance classes pay off at such a young age. So, they figured why not? At seven, Kaylyn Slevin took acting classes. 

She got involved in musical theatre in the community. At just seven-years-old, Kaylyn had her first stage role. 

It became glaringly obvious to the Chicago community. There was something special about Kaylyn Slevin. They encouraged her to pursue her talents. William and Kristyn Slevin didn’t disagree. So, they packed up and moved to California. 

Kaylyn Slevin Moves to Los Angeles, California 

At eight-years-old, Kaylyn Slevin met with a couple of talent agencies based in California. They immediately fell in love with the starlet. 

The agency told the Slevins that they saw infinite potential in Kaylyn. So, the family decided to move to Los Angeles to help Kaylyn pursue her dreams. Now, she is repped by The Osbrink Agency and ‘M.S.A. Dance Agency

By the time she was ten, Kaylyn was already booking regular work. She got plenty of print ad opportunities due to her naturally beautiful looks. While the young Kaylyn appreciated the work, it didn’t fulfill her destiny. 

Her family asked the agency to book more commercial gigs. She landed a few facial expression roles and got to use a couple of words. However, it didn’t scratch the itch of this preteen. Luckily, she would get her first television break in 2010. 

Kaylyn Slevin Acting Career

Kaylyn Slevin finally reached her goal in 2010 when she was cast in the made-for-TV movie, The Incybers. This movie followed electrons fighting viruses in a computer motherboard. Kaylyn had a bit role of the character, Wiki. 

While the role was small, Kaylyn wasn’t defeated. She followed up with the short film called Beast. Her next short movie came in 2011’s Thanks Mom. 

With a couple of credits under her belt, Kaylyn received bit roles in popular television shows, including:

  • Bones
  • Shake It Up
  • Video Game Room

These small acting roles led to bigger opportunities. She landed the gig of Pageant Girl and Daughter in 2011’s My Freakin’ Family. This type of long-form content was more of what Kaylyn had in mind. So, she started pursuing feature-length opportunities. 

Kaylyn Slevin Movie Career

By the end of 2011, Kaylyn Slevin finally realized her goal of a feature-length film. She played the character, Cindy, in the movie D.I.N.K.s (Double Income, No Kids). 

Following that release, she was cast in 2013’s Ass Backwards. In this comedy, she played Little Laurel. 

Kaylyn Slevin Chicken Girls

Kaylyn Slevin’s biggest role to date was in 2018’s Chicken Girls Season 3. She played the role of Beatrice. 

People immediately took to her character. Kaylyn’s popularity earned the star her first recurring role.

Kaylyn Slevin Miss Teen USA

In 2017, Kaylyn Slevin started getting more into modeling. She decided to use her natural beauty to enter into the 2017 Miss Malibu Teen U.S.A. Without much competition, Slevin slayed the show and won the crown. 

She was eligible to compete for Miss California Teen U.S.A., but fell short. However, she rebounded by winning Miss Ventura County Teen. This competition is a preliminary for Miss California and Miss America. 

Next, Kaylyn Slevin became the M.S.A. Dance Miss Malibu Teen 2018. From there, she went on to compete in Miss Utah Teen U.S.A. 2019. While she came up short, she is still on the top of the pageant game. So, a pageant win is still likely for her future. 

Kaylyn Slevin Charity Work 

Kaylyn likes to use her spotlight to provide a platform for issues that are important to her. Her favorite charity is Students Against Destructive Decisions’ (S.A.D.D.)

The primary objective of S.A.D.D. is to create a community safe for teens. They hope to prevent suicide and other potentially destructive behaviors, such as addiction. 

Kaylyn believes bullying plays a large role in why teenage suicide rates are so high. So, she also works with the Hazing Preventing Organization. 

Hazing is very bad for young people, as witnessed with the Jake Paul situation. So, thank you to Kaylyn for bringing these issues to light. 

Kaylyn Slevin Other Successes

So far, Kaylyn Slevin has been the face of over 70 successful ad campaigns. She also landed a role on LA Story, found on AwesomenessTV. 

Perhaps her largest step into mainstream fame came in 2019. Kaylyn Slevin became a member of the Los Angeles’ Chargers’ cheerleading squad.

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