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This model is a wild chick, and we are definitely here fr it. Kayleigh Swenson is the Famousss daughter of professional wrestler Jeep Swenson. Also known as Viking Barbie, this blond-haired, hazel-eyed beauty also makes her money as a musician. This 5’5″ tall San Antonio native does some crazy stuff, including breaking into Marilyn Manson’s house. That’ll get you on the list of the Famousss in no time, Kayleigh!

Kayleigh Swenson’s Net Worth 

Kayleigh Swenson has been working hard on making it in the entertainment industry. Her dedication is finally starting to pay off as the

model and musician continues to get regular work. As of May 2021, Kayleigh Swenson’s net worth is $500,000.

Known to the world as Viking Barbie, Kalyeigh Swenson rose to prominence in the adult entertainment industry. She earned her reputation as a model to contend with when she graced two Playboy covers.

In 2021, Kayleigh Swenson is represented by Moezart Models. They promote pinup-style girls for editorial shoots and videos. 

The highly-tatted superstar is a regular covergirl on Inked Magazine. Her continuous coverage and photogenic body have made her a hit with many social media brands. They’re huge fans of the fact that Kayleigh Swenson’s verified @kayleigh_swenson account has over 2.2 million followers.

Now, Kayleigh Swenson is transitioning to a music career as Viking Barbie. She launched the official Viking Barbie YouTube page on February 13, 2019. The page currently has 22,000 subscribers and growing. 

She mostly does covers including:

However, she started coming out with her own music. Her collaboration with Tech N9ne called “All the Way to the Bank” has almost 500,000 views. Therefore, Kayleigh Swenson is making YouTube ad revenue off of her own original music!

The @viking.barbie TikTok account has over 1.3 million followers. She usually posts comedic content and partakes in various TikTok challenges. 

Kayleigh Swenson’s Early Life & Family

Kayleigh Swenson was born on October 22, 1985, in San Antonio, Texas. This Libra is the daughter of Robert Alexander Swenson, Jr. 

Robert Alexander Swenson, Jr. wrestled under the name of Jeep Swenson. He is not living the life of the Famousss like other wrestling stars, such as CJ “Lana” Perry, Miro, and Thea Trinidad

Kayleigh was very close with her dad. She even has a section about him saved to her highlights on her IG.

Kayleigh Swenson’s mom’s name was Erin Patricia. Erin Patricia’s surname was Hillsman. 

She always grew up a fan of fashion and knew she wanted to be a model. Since her dad was in the entertainment industry, her family supported her desires. 

As a child, Kayleigh Swenson was a huge fan of Marilyn Manson. She moved to the Hollywood Hills and lived on Lookout Mountain with her mom and stepdad. 

During her childhood, she got into trouble in school. She started lashing out when her dad died. However, her parents blamed it on Kayleigh liking Marilyn Manson. 

When she was 12-years old, Kayleigh found out that Marilyn Manson lived ten houses down the same week that he was moving out of the neighborhood. Turn out her parents knew all along but kept it from her. They were afraid she’d break in and do something dumb. Out of spite, she did just that! 

As she explained in a YouTube video

“This is so embarrassing… I go down to his house (with a Hefty bag), I noticed there were no cars, and it was pretty much empty and I just really wanted to see what was inside. So, long story short, I kinda broke into his house. There was no furniture left, but I went through his house with my friend.”

She found a pile of dark, red velvet curtains that she stole. She also took black plastic pillows from his pool house. Kayleigh also wanted to steal a koi fish. However, she couldn’t figure out how to catch it. Thank God!

She actually came back and told her mom the truth. Her mom was shocked but told her that this was why she kept this secret all these years. 

Kayleigh Swenson’s Rise to Fame 

Kayleigh was always comfortable with her body. So, the star started modeling young.

She would do many provocative editorial shoots. Once she got her tattoos, she started really making a name for herself in tat mags. 

However, landing the January 2018 Playboy cover solidified Viking Barbie’s star status. She would also land the April 2018 cover. Then on, her IG blew up. She quickly made a YouTube page to parlay this newfound following into her music career. 

Kayleigh Swenson’s Relationships

Kayleigh Swenson likes to keep things close to the chest. We don’t blame her. It’s a nice chest.

We do know that Kayleigh Swenson dates a man named Aaron Andrew. They’ve been linked together since 2019. However, Aaron Andrew really values his privacy, which Viking Barbie respects. 

Kayleigh Swenson’s Rumors & Controversies 

Kayleigh Swenson is eight years sober. She got arrested and decided to turn her life around. 

In an inspirational TikTok video, Viking Barbie commemorated her sobriety by showing her gorgeous face today and then cutting to her mugshot.

She put the caption,

[email protected] and the program works if you work it! Reach out for help. Stitch this with your pre sobriety pic.”

Notable Facts About Kayleigh Swenson

She works with many fashion photographers. However, her favorites are Aaron RiverollMichael Oliveri, and Gea

Kayleigh has a black and white fluffy dog that she is obsessed with.

She is really into criminal psychology and has an obsession with serial killers. Kayleigh collects books about them and watches every documentary that comes out. 

Her love for psychology caused her to pursue some classes. However, they never amounted to a career, as she was really drawn to being a model and musician. 

Kayleigh Swenson loves old country music, including:

  • Johnny Cash
  • Garth Brooks
  • George Strait

Kayleigh follows a pescatarian diet. She was a long-term raw vegan before transitioning into cooking. However, she went back to fish. Kayleigh said she will never go back to red meat or poultry again. 

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