Country rapper Katie Noel

Katie McGallired

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Marion, North Carolina

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This southern spitfire is a Marion, North Carolina rapper and country artist who is a born-and-bred rebel. Katie McGallired, best known as Katie Noel, is the founder of the Diesel Gang, a song-turned-clothing line. Now, this 5’4″ musician is taking over the world of the Famousss. At 22-years old, big things are ahead for this blonde-haired, hazel-eyed singer. We can’t wait to watch it unfold. 

Katie Noel’s Net Worth

Katie Noel is a humble southern gal living with a paycheck of the rich and 

Famousss. While she’s only 22-years old, Katie Noel’s net worth is already $1,000,000.

Most of her money comes from sales through her Diesel Gang store. She sells merchandise, including trucker hats, T-shirts, tote bags, and even Christmas stockings. 

Her success is due to her ability to connect with fellow southerners. She embraces her roots by shooting videos while driving around in her truck. This persona resonates with the fellow truck and mud lovers. 

Then, the Diesel Gang logo is very universal. Sure, the whole thing started with a song of that name. However, the brand now transcends the song. It’s more of a lifestyle brand with a kickass logo.

Katie Noel regularly releases music on her official YouTube channel. It has over 269,000 followers. Her videos average around 500,000 to 1,000,000 views each. So, Katie Noel earns a substantial portion of YouTube ad revenues.

Her music career is very to her. She also tries to market herself like a genuine artist. Her shop even offers CDs for sale

Katie Noel has a very large Instagram following. As of April 2021, her i_am_dieselgang Instagram account has 266,000 followers. Most of Katie Noel’s content involves trucks, mudding, hunting, and music. People love her beauty, southern charm, and dedication to her roots. 

Her high engagement rate has earned some top-dollar endorsements, including:

Keep up to date on all of the latest business endeavors of Katie Noel by following her Twitter. The official @i_am_dieselgang has just under 1,000 followers. Make sure to give her a follow. She’s always posting flash sales and giveaways.

She also has a TikTok account. @katienoelofficial has 388,000 followers. Most of her videos involve her driving around with her truck, a funny caption, and some serious lip synching. 

Katie Noel’s Family and Early Life

Katie Noel McGallired was born in Marion, North Carolina on October 25, 1999. She was a small-town girl who loved driving her quads through the mud and shooting guns in the woods. 

Not much is known about Katie Noel’s parents. She started playing her mom’s guitar, which was a Yamaha when she was young. 

 Her grandfather was Fred Houston Rumfelt. She affectionally called him “PawPaw.”

PawPaw ran the Country Roads Recording Studio in Marion for over 40 years. It had a massive influence on Katie’s life. At six-years-old, she used to bang on all the instruments at the studio. 

When he passed away in December 2011, she asked her MawMaw for some of the guitars that were at the studio. While she split some of the guitars with her mom and sister, most are still Katie’s. 

At 11-years-old, Katie Noel really got into YouTube. She looked over at her PawPaw’s guitar and decided to look up how to play like a professional. The first song she learned was “Sure Would Be Cool If You Did” by Blake Shelton. Then, “Wagon Wheel” by Darius Rucker.

Katie Noel’s Rise to Fame

Once she had some covers under her belt, Katie created her YouTube page, which launched on September 29, 2014. By 14-years-old, Katie Noel was writing her own music.

When she was 16, Katie went to a Christian school. Katie was very disruptive because it was a bad experience. She got kicked out for being insubordinate.  

By 2018, she released Diesel Gang. It started as a joke because she always liked to rap. However, this breakthrough video became a smash hit. It currently has over 10,000,000 views. 

There were mixed reviews on the song. While many found it fun, people came in at her. They said she was making a mockery of both genres. It really got to Katie and almost caused her to quit. However, she pushed through and is proud of how she’s grown as a country rapper. 

Katie Noel’s Relationships

Katie Noel is an out-and-proud lesbian. She proposed to Autumn Brooke on December 12, 2020. 

An excited Katie posted on Instagram,

“I’ve been waiting for this moment for along time. I knew the first day I met you that I’d never let you go and for the first time in my life I love someone with my entire heart. I honestly don’t even have words right now so I just want to welcome the future Mrs.Noel! She said YES to being my WIFE, holy SHIT😭😍 Autumn Brooke, I’ve loved you with everything I am since day one and I will love you until my last day, truly and fully❤️”

The couple is using the hashtag #thefirstnoel for their wedding.

The duo has a song together called Miss Tennessee

Katie Noel’s Rumors and Controversies 

Katie Noel likes to stay out of trouble. Some bible-belt diehards have a hard time accepting Katie Noel’s sexuality. However, that’s on them. 

We love watching her and Autumn take steamy pics together. That’s what a real rebel would do!

She had a hit song with Ryan Upchurch called “Hey Boy Hey Girl.” Ryan Upchurch pulled the song down in anger back on December 19, 2019. It’s back up now.

He said that he had a girl when Katie told him that he loved her. They slept together for two months. She broke up with him, saying she felt molested by him, which caused him to pull the video down in anger.

Other Notable Facts About Katie Noel

Katie Noel really liked Florida-Georiga Line growing up. This fact is something she is embarrassed about now. 

Gucci Gang was the inspiration for Diesel Gang. She wrote the song in about ten minutes. 

Today, she hates this song. Katie Noel says she has heard it too much and is sick of it. However, she’s grateful that she created the song and the opportunities that it provided her. 

Katie Noel used to be an assistant manager for rue21. This clothing store makes fashion-forward items at affordable prices. It really wasn’t her thing, and Katie is so grateful that music worked out instead. 

She is a large believer in changing your path. If you are unhappy doing something, you need to switch it up. That’s what she did with Diesel Gang, and there hasn’t been any turning back. 

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