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Katie Angel – Famousss.com Katie Angel – Famousss.com

Katie Angel

Also known as

El Oso



Birth Place

San Diego, California, United States

Birth Sign




Net Worth



5' 8"

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Helaina Ahleman has over 7 million subscribers on YouTube through her Katie Angel account. Katie Angel rose to fame by giving makeup tutorials. She not only gives beauty tips but engages with her viewers. Part of the reason her YouTube channel is so successful is that Katie finds innovative ways to challenge her viewers. As a result, her videos have a tendency to go viral.

Katie’s first video came in May 2015. She dubbed her foray into the YouTube realm, “MI MAQUILLAJE DIARIO.” While she does discuss beauty, Katie does delve into other interests that are near and dear to her heart. On top of being a YouTube star, Katie is a doctor. So, on top of entertaining her viewers, she educates them. Katie’s videos are invaluable tools because she balances beauty, wellness, entertainment, science all in one package.

As a YouTube character, Katie lives her life like an open book. That’s why she has almost 3 million followers on Instagram. In May 2016, her band of viewers rejoiced as Katie married her husband. To her circle of fans, she is known as “El Oso.” Oso has been featured in a number of Katie’s most popular videos. On top of collaborating with her hubby, Katie is also known to work with other beauty gurus. Two popular Spanish stars that often appear in Katie’s videos (and vice versa) are Paula Galindo and Mariale Marrero.

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