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This Mexican hottie is a challenge and prank queen on her KAED YouTube Channel. Karen Mendoza is one-half of the YouTube and TikTok couple known as KAED. This 23-year-old entertainer has 2 million followers on her official @karenmendoza_ TikTok. While she’s been booed up for over a decade, this California girl still has us dreaming. No wonder 85.6k drool over her @karenmendoza__ Instagram account. Karen Mendoza is going to bring the smoke to the Famousss

Karen Mendoza’s Net Worth

Karen Mendoza is a content creator who has been grinding since she was 19. Now, the 23-year-old has a net worth of $75,000.

Most of Karen’s money comes from YouTube ads. She is a co-star on the official KAED YouTube Channel. This hot couple posts a lot of comedy videos. They like to play pranks on each other and perform viral challenges. 

KAED have done the typical video couple content, like:

They’ve also done common challenges like Instagram Viewers Control My Life for 24 HoursThe Whisper Challenge, and Hot Cheetos recipes

Their most-watched video is called I GOT IN A FIGHT ON A PLANE!! *NOT CLICKBAIT*. It has 56k views, with 3k likes and under 30 thumbs-down. It reached these numbers in just a couple of days in September 2021. So, it looks like Karen Mendoza is just about to blow up.

Her TikTok page is also straight fire. Karen Mendoza’s @karenmendoza_xo TikTok has 2 million followers and over 69.1 million likes in total. 

Most of her content involves her and her boyfriend. She dances with funny captions depicting the struggles couples have together. Karen’s content is very relatable, which is why people go to her page so often. In fact, Karen is a regular on the TikTok FYP feed, with other Famousss stars, such as Talia ScottBruno Baba, and Kelladactyl

Karen Mendoza’s Family & Early Life

Karen Mendoza was born December 6, 1997. Both of Karen Mendoza’s parents are of Mexican descent.

She was born in the Valley of California. At four or five years old, her family moved to Palmdale, California. That’s where Karen lives to this very day. It’s actually her goal to leave Palmdale. The star says it’s boring there. Seeing as she’s lived there her whole life, we can see why she feels that way. 

However, she still lives close to her family, as well as Eddie’s. We don’t know much about Karen Mendoza’s parents. However, we do know that Karen and Eddie are close with Eddie’s mom. 

Eddie’s mom has been in some of their most popular videos, including:

It’s a good thing they are close because Eddie’s mom doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. 

Karen Mendoza’s Rise to Fame

Karen Mendoza always knew she wanted to be a star among the Famousss. She and Eddie used to talk about the fact that they wished they could record themselves in middle school. However, they didn’t have the money to buy a camera. 

The couple finally got that camera and decided to give it a go. They created their YouTube account on January 7, 2018. Eddie and Karen weren’t sure what to talk about. So, they went back and forth on some ideas. Finally, they decided the best thing to do was to introduce themselves and go from there.

On January 18, 2018, the couple posted their first video called GET TO KNOW US Q&A (KAED). The twosome just kept on creating content that they thought was funny. They would partake in viral challenges, which caught the eyes of those who were following the latest trends.

Consistency remained key. With monthly or bi-monthly uploads, the cute couple gained a pretty hardcore following. In 2021, they have 42.2k subscribers on their official channel. 

Karen Mendoza’s Relationships

Unless you are living under a rock, it’s a shock to no one that Karen Mendoza is not up for the taking. Karen Mendoza and Eddie Zepeda have been dating for almost a decade now. 

Eddie and Karen met in middle school. They used to hang out all the time within the same large group of friends. However, the two actually never really talked.

When Eddie and Karen went to high school, their group got kind of separated by the schedules. While that drove a wedge in friendships, this change in scheduling brought Karen and Eddie together.

By the end of their Freshman year, Karen and Eddie were going strong. They’re still together to this day, but they’re hitting some rough patches.

In the summer 2021, Karen and Eddie moved in together. However, by the end of September, they decided they needed to live on their own. The couple still plans on being together, but this was a wake-up call. Hey yo, if Karen needs a place to crash, we know somebody.

Karen Mendoza’s Rumors and Controversies

Karen Mendoza usually stays out of trouble. However, she’s starting to get into the limelight a bit now that she’s a member of the Famousss.

On a recent flight, Karen Mendoza got into a fight. She wasn’t able to sit next to Eddie. In fact, there were two girls in between them on the plane. They were sitting across from each other. 

The girls were being loud and obnoxious. According to Eddie, they were drunk and making other passengers annoyed. The girls didn’t have their masks on, were vaping, and cussing. 

While other people asked the girls to stop, Karen minded her business. However, when they landed, the drunk girls went after them. They asked Eddie to their luggage, which Eddie obliged. As the plane departed, the girls asked Karen if she rolled her eyes at them.

Finally, Karen snapped. She said she wasn’t rolling her eyes and then let the girls know how annoying they were on the flight. Eventually, the girl pushed Karen’s face. Karen punched her in the face. The other girl jumped in for a catfight. Karen held her own on that girl, too. This was Karen’s first fight.

Other Notable Facts About Karen Mendoza

Karen Mendoza is a huge fan of The Weeknd. She even has a large portrait of him in her living room.

Some of Karen Mendoza’s favorite snacks include:

  • Skinny Pop
  • Dorito’s
  • Flaming Hot Cheetos

Karen also loves Fiji Water.

Karen wants to have kids by 26. She thinks that the perfect age is because you get to enjoy yourself in your early 20s and then be young enough to be a fun parent. 

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