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Cher. Madonna. Rod. Iconic first names need no last ones. Good thing, because we don’t know the last name of the brown-haired, brown-eyed 30-year-old sensation known as Justme.Rod. His @rod TikTok account 925.7k followers and 37.8 million likes; this comedian is about to break through the world of the Famousss.

JustMe. Rod’s Net Worth

JustMe. Rod’s net worth is $100,000. He is a burgeoning TikTok star that makes us laugh while he laughs his way to the bank. He is regularly featured on TikTok’s FYP. 

His @rod TikTok videos get up to 2 million views, averaging a little less than 1 million total. He grew his following by making relatable content by showcasing his mental health struggles. 

That has also made him a notable mental wellness advocate like other Famousss stars Angie Varona and Alinity Divine

JustMe.Rod is picky about who he endorses. However, he still makes some cheddar with growing companies, like:

The partnership with Move Over Martha was a no-brainer because they sell mugs. He’s always drinking a large cup of coffee to play up his anxious millennial character. 

You can also catch JustMe.Rod on Clubhouse. He has 1,300 followers who he tries to inspire through motivational talks and inspirational virtual gatherings.

Also, get a Cameo with JustMe.Rod. He has a 5-star average with 44 reviews and counting.

One review raved,

“So good! Thanks so much for letting my work BFF know she’s gonna be missed. She loved it. We’ll be listening to Britney next week.”

That had to be priceless, especially considering how hysterical his TikTok coming at ‘N Sync lovers was! 

Don’t think twice about ordering a Cameo with JustMe.Rod. Proceeds go to charity. So, you will laugh and give back all in one! 

JustMe. Rod’s Family & Early Life

JustMe.Rod, or Rod for short, was born and raised in Aurora, Illinois. 

He loved the Land of Lincoln so much he stayed there, moving to the Windy City. JustMe.Rod currently lives in Chicago, Illinois. 

JustMe.Rod’s real name is Rod Rick. He grew up with two other siblings in a small two-bedroom house. Their favorite meal was Hamburger Helper. 

He earned a degree in education and planned on becoming a high school teacher prior to becoming a viral sensation. 

Not much is known about JustMe. Rod’s family and early life because he is still so new to the scene.

We do know he is a self-professed “anxious millennial.” So, Rod struggled with issues in terms of fitting in and making friends. 

He was able to take that awkwardness and turn it into something positive. JustMe.Rod started embracing his quirks and leaned into his anxiety. 

Now, he’s using it to create inspirational and relatable content that resonates with others. It also makes him a good chunk of change! 

JustMe. Rod’s Rise to Fame

JustMe.Rod started using TikTok because it reminded him of Vine. He was using it as a platform to let off some steam and entertain his friends. 

As he told Distractify,

“[I] literally just tried one random TikTok. I was like, ‘Alright, let’s make this TikTok.’ And I did, and it blew up to, like, 40,000 likes, which for me at the time, I’m like, ‘Whoa, that’s crazy. Like, I’m viral.”

His content centers around being a tired millennial who can’t stand his office life. His bio on his @justme_rod Twitter account tells his 15k followers:

“Honestly don’t show my boss.”

This overnight sensation has struck it big and looks to be here to stay!

JustMe. Rod’s Relationships

We don’t know much about this 30-year-old TikTok sensation. However, we do know JustMe.Rod is married with three blond-haired twin sons. They seem to have a strong family unit. So, we don’t expect many more relationships for JustMe.Rod. 

JustMe.Rod’s Rumors and Controversies

Rod has always been a mental health advocate. He gives back to charity, works with reputable brands, and stands up against bullying. You will have a hard time digging up any dirt on JustMe.Rod.

He also stands up against woman-shaming. He believes females get typecasted as being “crazy” more often than men. It disgusts him, and he hopes to change those notions. 

Sure he’s great, but the life of the Famousss can change anyone. So, we’ll keep you updated if this nice guy of TikTok turns into a controversial social media figure. 

Other Notable Facts About JustMe.Rod

Rod is currently working on a TV pilot for Netflix. So, he is going to be on this major streaming platform like other Famousss starsSissy SheridanFivel Stewart, and Colleen Ballinger

The idea is to be New Girl meets Broad City. It’s going to be a workplace sitcom that deals with the social anxiety that comes with an office setting.

Initially, he created this concept to be on YouTube. However, he struck gold by going the Netflix route. 

JustMe.Rod is also working with Spotify to curate content. So, expect to see (or hear) him on this streaming service soon!

As an anxious millennial, JustMe.Rod is an avid supporter of the Jed Foundation. They help prevent suicide among teens and young adults. 

Rod dealt with bullying growing up. He also believes TikTok has a lot of keyboard warriors. 

As he explained to Distractify,

“I think TikTok needs to get their bullying figured out because I feel like that’s going to be a demise of TikTok. You know, I know for me, there’s even been times where I reported something. And I saw something else similar, like, couple weeks later, which I’m like, ‘Alright, like, what’s going on here?'”

So, he really supports programs that help teens cope with the pressures of social media and relationships.

He likes to showcase the talent of other TikTok stars and react as he did to Charli D’Amelio

JustMe.Rod discussed his anxiety battles on the Millennial Girls Podcast. 

You can always see JustMe.Rod a mile away. He’s rocking that skull cap or a baseball hat all the time. Keep an eye out for that dark brown beard. It’s starting to get some salt-and-pepper in it!

Being verified doesn’t matter to him. People used to hound him about getting a blue check mark, but he never desired to get it. 

Deathcab for Cutie was one of his favorite bands.

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