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Julia Kiran

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“I think that if you see your potential to become one of the best at something you do, don’t let anything stop you, no excuses.”

Julia Kiran (Born November 4, 1993) is a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player known as Juliano. Juliano wants to take the eSports world to the next level. These are high aspirations for a 25 year-old. However, Juliano has seen a lot, done a wide range of jobs, and already made a good living in her newfound career. So, maybe we can learn a thing or two from her!

Juliano and Counter-Strike

Juliano was a video game player on and off throughout her adolescence. However, her life changed when she hit the tender age of 11. That was the pivotal year that a future gaming star discovered the game that would put her name on the map of all-time badass female gamers. It was the year that she discovered Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Like a fish to water, Juliano took to this multiplayer video game. Her skills outshined her peers immediately. However, partaking in a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive eSports competition was still outside of her sphere of thinking. 

eSports World Starts Noticing Juliano

By the time the burgeoning star hit her twenties, she had taken the eSports world by storm. People started chattering about Juliano when she began smoking firmly established gamers. 

This talented female really started making waves in 2013. She teamed up with other gamers for a local competition. As a tandem, the team ended up in third place. That’s a respectable number in general. However, the event really ended up being a platform that would serve as a catapult for Juliano. 

Juliano Turns to Gaming Full-Time

While the local 2013 competition was a group effort, it wasn’t Juliano earned stats that were in the same breath as other female gaming icons. She was in the same conversation as MiTsu, a powerhouse from Frane, and zAAz, a gaming giant who resides in Sweden. 

Being around this elite talent exhilarated Juliano. At the ripe age of 25, she was already at a crossroads in her life. She needed to make some decisions.

After a few failed stints as a waitress and a telemarketer, things became clear for Juliano. She had to go all-in on a career as a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player to make it in this world. 

Juliano and the Electronic Sports World Cup 

With momentum on her side, Juliano became a leader of her team in the Electronic Sports World Cup of 2013. She was the in-game leader.

Under her tutelage, the underdogs ended up pulling out the win. Luckily for Juliano, she decided to play this tournament on her Twitch. It opened the door for even more exposure. 

Juliano Streams eSports Tournaments on Twitch

After her successful leadership in the Electronic Sports World Cup of 2013, Juliano made a habit of streaming all of her tournaments. She ended up earning the respect and adoration of many viewers.  

The most significant reason for her increase in popularity is for Juliano’s willingness to take on men. She challenges them regularly on her Twitch stream and takes them down!

In one stream, she played a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament against Titan. Titan is a group of all-male professional eSports players from France. 

She was the first female Twitch streamer to play against an entirely male team. Not only did she pull this feat off, but she won, too!

Juliano Wins $25,000

Juliano really started to blow up around the 2015-2016 eSports season. She entered in the Bucharest, Romania tournament known as HTC 1v1. In this tournament, 16 contestants battle for a total of $25,000.  

During this tournament, Juliano played on the same side of her 2013 nemesis, zAAz. While they didn’t come out on top, they made names for themselves. These female gamers ended up in the same score zones as the majority of their male counterparts. In fact, Juliano beat one of the males on a livestream, and the hashtag featuring this match blew up on social media!

Juliano on Social Media 

Juliano has a real down-to-earth personality that a lot of people could rally behind. That’s why there’s such a groundswell underneath her success. She is riding the wave and seems grateful for the support. That’s why we’re all happy to get behind her and push Juliano to become an even bigger star in the world of female eSports.

While she hasn’t been on the scene for long, Juliano has already amassed well over 100,000 social media followers across multiple platforms. Her YouTube channel has around 800,00 subscribers who eagerly tune into the gamer’s ESL tournaments. 

Juliano and Family Ties

Juliano’s family wasn’t sold on a world in eSports. They didn’t think it was going to be a viable income for their daughter. As she entered the eSports world competitively, Juliano moved back in with her family.

Juliano needed to concentrate on her craft. That meant she needed the support and shelter of her parents. However, her parents grew nervous that their daughter was falling into the stereotypical gamer category who lives with their parents. 

However, her mom eventually came around. Who wouldn’t? It didn’t take long for the paychecks to start rolling in!

Juliano Spends Her Earnings

Juliano has worked hard for the money, and she has no problem spending it. Her first extravagant purchase with her eSports winnings was her first house. Certainly, her parents appreciated that one!

However, her next purchase wasn’t as practical. It was sexy, nonetheless. Juliano splurged and purchased herself a Porsche Panamera. 

Juliano is aware of the picture she is painting. The Porsche is a metaphor meant to inspire other young girls who are thinking about joining the female eSports movement. 

According to Juliano, the Porsche is a status symbol. It tells little girls that they can do whatever they like. Her Porsche lets a child know that they can have a rewarding career in the gaming arena. 

Juliano is proud of what she has accomplished. She is the first to remind the world that she put her personal life on hold to achieve these dreams. Anything is possible if you put the work in. 

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