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This somatic sexologist practitioner has over 62.7k followers on her @juliannevaccaro Instagram account. Julianne Vaccaro is an embodiment and pleasure coach who gives comedic hot takes on nutrition tips on her @julieannevaccaro TikTok account. This blonde-hair-blue-eyed bombshell from Denver, Colorado, is an eating disorder survivor. The 30-year-old sex symbol empowers people through sex positivity by encouraging women to “open their legs up to the world.” Welcome to the world of the Famousss, Julianne Vaccaro. You will fit right in!

Julianne Vaccaro’s Net Worth

This 30-year-old star is just finding his footing among the Famousss. Julianne Vaccaro is still recouping from her investments into her career. That’s why Julianne Vaccaro’s net worth is $50,000.

The star is the webmaster for juliannevaccaro.com. She provides sex, embodiment, and pleasure counseling to women. Her coachings include lifestyle tips, nutrition analysis, and workout plans. 

Additionally, Julianne Vaccaro has 62.7k followers on Instagram. She uses this vehicle to promote her events, webinars, and courses. Julieanne Vaccaro is just starting to grow her @jamievaccaro TikTok following. Jamie Vaccaro currently has 5,000 followers on TikTok.

This Denver, Colorado star also has a YouTube channel that boasts 465 subscribers. Her most popular video is called HOW TO BUILD A SIDE BOOTY | PROGRESS. It has 7,516 views to date. 

Julianne Vaccaro’s Family & Rise to Fame

Julianne Vaccaro was born in September 1991 in New York. 

This star is like a phoenix who has risen from the trauma in her life. She doesn’t open up about her childhood much. 

Her home life was less than ideal. She broke up battling physical and emotional abuse. Those patterns would follow her through her early adult life as she hopped from bad relationship to bad relationship.

Eventually, Julianne knew she had to break the cycle. She enrolled herself at the University of Santa Monica to earn a degree in Spiritual Psychology. The future IG star used this educational program as a resource to help with her own trauma. Once she had a handle on her own demons, Julianne used her new talents to help others.

Julianne Vacarro’s Rise to Fame

Juliane Vaccaro rose to fame after being spotlighted by The Daily Mail in March 2019. She spoke with the publication about her years of yo-yo dieting and how she was giving it up for a more positive way of life. 

Vaccaro participated in many fads in hopes of finding the right weight that helped her body dysmorphia.

She tried:

  • Atkins
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Raw Vegan
  • Paleo

Due to her past traumas, Julianne also struggled with her body image. As a result, she got obsessed with bodybuilding. The star entered many competitions and won. However, she found herself calorie counting to the extreme. Eventually, she would start to starve herself. 

As she explained,

“I originally went to school for fashion, and I wanted to look like the models – skinny with bones protruding. But I have an athletic build, so I had to develop disordered eating. That’s what first made me go vegan, wanting to be small.”

With time, Julianne developed health issues due to hormonal imbalances. She was diagnosed with amenorrhea and digestive problems. 

The ex-bodybuilder remembered the trauma,

“I did one bikini fitness show and I knew I was done because I couldn’t make sense of the sacrifices I was making. None of it was healthy anymore and none of it felt good to me.”

Julianne wanted to change her life around for the better. She started to rebalance her hormones through gut health while maintaining a healthy workout regimen. This journey aligned Julianne with her higher purpose, which was to help people find enjoyment in life.

She started posting sex-positive videos on Instagram in 2019. As the pandemic took off, so did her visibility on social media. Now, the star’s program is flourishing, and we love hearing her talk about sex in her content. Maybe Julia Rose should have Julianne Vaccaro on her podcast. She’ll blush far less than Harry Jowsey

Julianne Vacarro’s Relationships

Julianne Vaccaro has kissed a lot of frogs in search of her prince. She has been dating a man named Paul for almost two years now. Julianne believes she manifested him into her life through her healing. 

She wrote in an Instagram dedication,

“as you know, i then completed an [inner]world-changing process to call in my ideal partner/s that landed me in Paul’s arms just 4 days later

(i give you this process in my workshop *Calling In Your Ideal Partners & Lovers* in my bio)

i was flooded again with visions

except this time, it was of all the moments Paul has repeatedly reflected back my innocence/ goodness & my pure heart

the countless times he’s embraced me, [literally] saying ‘you’re such a Good girl’”

We are glad to see Julianne finally find someone to treat her right. However, if they ever break up. We’ll help her find some comfort!

Julianne Vaccaro Rumors & Controversies

Julianne Vaccaro’s passion in life is to inspire and empower others. You will have a hard time seeing anyone spreading dirt about Julianne Vaccaro. At just 30 years old and now entering the Famousss, there is plenty of time to get in trouble. We’ll keep you updated on the latest trending news about Julianne Vaccarro rumors and controversies. 

Other Notable Facts About Jamie Vaccaro

Julianne Vaccaro hosts The Reclamation Project Podcast

Julianne Vaccaro earned her 200 Hours Yoga Alliance YTT (Yoga Teaching Training) certificate through Wendy Fit Yoga. She started to teach yoga alongside kickboxing and boxing. 

While a vegan diet started her down a destructive path, Julianne still believes in the power of plant-based living. 

She explained,

“I was extremely restrictive and always followed some kind of tracking method. I was vegan for three years and it was revolutionary. It really showed me the power of plants.”

If she’s cooking plants, we have no problem bringing the meat!

Julianne Vaccaro is working on a program called the Balanced Body Method. She hopes it will empower women to stop fearing food. The program is supposed to encourage less calorie counting and to care more about the source of these calories. 

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