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Jules Trass – Famousss.com Jules Trass – Famousss.com

Jules Trasleglise Jules Trass

Jules Trasleglise

Also known as

Jules Trass



Birth Place

Paris, France

Birth Sign




Net Worth




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This 29-year old MILF is a French model that will make you scream, “oui oui.” Put your paws aways, gals. Jules Trass may be entering the life Famousss, but this dark blonde-haired, blue-eyed star is happily married. That doesn’t stop 500k followers on his @jules.trass Instagram account or 424k followers on his @juelstrass TikTok account from watching this 6’1″ stud’s every move. This Pisces is a rising star that you will have to keep an eye out for.

Jules Trass’ Net Worth

Jules Trass’ net worth is $100,000. He has seen a lot of success in his career but has wasted his success in failed investments. He’s been on a track that’s gone many paths. Now that he is a full-time content creator, he is more likely to earn a steady income. 

His main gig is as a model. This French star is represented by M Management, a division of Metropolitan Models.

His measurements are as follows:

  • Height: 6’1″
  • Bust: 102-40″
  • Waist: 84-30″
  • Hips: 94-37″
  • Hair: Dark Blonde
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Shoes: 9

He does a lot of editorial work in high fashion publications. Recently, he was cast in a yet-to-be-announced worldwide campaign. It features the star in white boxers holding his newborn child, Paola. He posted a teaser about it on Instagram on March 4, 2021. We’ll keep you updated when we hear more about this exciting opportunity!

Jules Trass’ Family & Early Life

Jules Trasleglise was born in Paris, France, on March 6, 1992. This Pisces grew up in France. Although he would move around during his early ’20’s, Jules Trass still calls Paris home to this day. 

Not much is known about Jules Trass’ parents. We do know he still close to his mom as she’s been in a TikTok.

He was an avid sports player when he grew up. His specialty was tennis. Jules Trasleglise played tennis competitively throughout his school tenure. 

Upon graduation, Jules continued with this passion. He would move to Bali and play, even registering to meet up with fellow Indonesians to play through Liga

To this day, Jules continues to play once a week. It helps him keep up his cardio. Which, by the shirtless pics, doesn’t seem to be like he’s missing much cardio sessions these days!

Jules Trass’ Rise to Fame

Jules Trass didn’t always want to be a star. However, he continued to get drawn to becoming a public figure. 

After leaving Indonesia, Jules returned to France and pursued a modeling career. He would take small gigs, mostly editorial pics and fashion shoots.

On the side, Jules wanted to redesign social media as we know. In 2018, he began a company called Livingway. While not many details are known, Livingway was described in a tweet as

“A SEC compliant amazing project! This social-crypto project can change the world.”

This company was described as e-commerce platform that was meant to change how we use social media. 

As explained,

“Livingway is paving the way for a new type of network. It’s a global social platform that brings people together to support each other by using cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Livingway combines the elements of a social network with the qualities of a social rewards system, allowing users to find the people, services, businesses, and information they need in real time. Simply post your request in Livingway’s request feed, business search engine, profile search engine, and people who can fulfill your request can contact you about helping. Plus, all payment can be fulfilled safely and securely in the site itself. By using cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, Livingway can promote engagement within and throughout communities, while compensating participants for their contributions.”

He tried to gain traction by starting a StartEngine campaign, which earned a mere $1,620. The campaign began on May 16, 2018 and closed on October, 15, 2018.

Initially, they targeted to make $10,000 in crowdfunding, with hopes of raking in $107,000. With a minium investment of $100, Livingway failed to meet the $10,000 required to secure the $1,620. So, Jules Trasleglise would pull the plug on Livingway, and change his name. 

During this time, Jules Trass would fall in love. In 2021, they had a baby. He started documenting this journey on Instagram. Hey, who doesn’t love a hot dad? 

Then, that adoration transferred over to TikTok. Now, he has a growing Joss Trass YouTube channel with 9,000 subscribers. Most of his content involves travel with his family. They have up to 50,000 views per upload within a month. So, he’s sure to make YouTube ad revenue bank in the very near future. 

Jules Trass’ Relationships

He may make your heartthrob, but Jules Trass is a happily married gentleman. Jules Trass met Agathe Est during his mid-20s. They fell in love and got married. Agathe Trass and Jules Trass have a daughter named Paola. She was born in April 2021. 

As Jules Trass explained to ParentCircle, he and Agathe started recording more content because they wanted to keep records of this journey. They started uploading the videos to social media because they wanted to share with friends and family.

However, people were becoming absolutely smitten with this French model holding a baby. Instead of just documenting the journey, the journey was going to become the documentary. 

They have such a strong surge of followers in such a short amount of time. How can you not swoon watching his gorgeous family in the Maldives?

Jules Trass’ Rumors & Controversies

Jules is a genuinely good guy and a family man. There aren’t any rumors or controversies about Jules Trass yet. However, you know how things go in the world of the Famousss. Drama sure does follow. Just ask AmouranthWoah Vicky, or Sophie Mudd

Other Notable Facts About Jules Trass

The one downside to being a daddy is Jules misses his sleep. Otherwise, he wouldn’t trade being a father for anything in the world. 

Jules and Agathe took their wedding photoshoot at the Eiffel Tower. They had their baby with them in a gorgeous celebration. 

Jules and his family took a trip to South Arica. They went on a safari and went shark cage diving! 

Jules does cryotherapy to help with his tennis injuries and to keep his skin healthy. He also does kickboxing as cardio. 

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