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Jghosty Jessica Blevins

Jessica Goch Blevins

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Schofield, Wisconsin

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Jessica Goch Blevins (Born: July 23, 1992) is a public relations specialist and video game influencer that goes by the name of Jghosty. However, she is most known for being a manager for her husband (and streaming sensation), Tyler Blevins. He’s best known the world over as multi-millionaire, Ninja.

Jghosty Beginnings 

Jessica Goch was born in Schofield, Wisconsin. She was raised not that far away in the neighboring Wausau. 

At a young age, she was captivated by entertainment and gaming. Her favorite game growing up was Sonic the Hedgehog on SEGA Genesis.

As a child, Jessica attended Wausau West High School. During her time, Jessica took up dance. She excelled, taking part in the Varsity Dance Team.   

Following high school, Jessica stayed local. She attended the University of Wisconsin. The scholar made the Dean’s List, as she earned a Bachelor’s of Arts in Communications. Jessica’s concentration was in Interpersonal Communication. She also received an Associate’s Degree in Human Resources Management. 

While she earned her marks, Jessica gave back to the community. The first star and agent tutored special needs kids on the campus. Her specialties were teaching them computer science, communication, and business law.

Jessica worked hard to achieve her academic success. All of this hard work would pay off as she would transition into her new career post-college. 

Jghosty Gets Into Gaming Software

The future Jghosty gained a breadth of business knowledge that would serve her well for the rest of her life. Upon graduation, Jessica would enter the workforce. Her first job was as a Product Specialist for STI Fleet Services.

Jessica worked on the new line of Chevrolet vehicles. She worked to generate leads for test-drivers. Her mission was to boost brand awareness while creating a positive image publically. 

Her next venture would be with Cyber Solutions Agency. Jessica became a Brand Ambassador. The future Jghosty would negotiate contracts with the likes of Twitter, BenQ, and UbiSoft.

The UbiSoft experience ended up being a game-changer for Jessica. They ended up offering her a full-time gig. She traveled for six months on their behalf, going to gaming conventions. 

UbiSoft scratched Jessica’s itch to enter the gaming world. She would secure her first long-term gig for ESL’s Plantronics. 

At Plantronics, she worked with a sales representatives team in selling the Plantronics Back Beat Fit headset. This device was new to the market in 2014. So, Jessica would provide demonstrations on how the headset work. Jessica would also put her communications degree to good use by talking to customers and filling them with product knowledge. 

All of this would lead to Jessica meeting the love of her life. Not only would she quit the industry, but she would reinvent herself as a manager for gaming’s hottest star.

JGhosty and Ninja Date 

In 2016, Jessica was still traveling for Plantronics. She made the rounds at many gaming conventions. Eventually, she would meet her future husband, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins.

The two linked up at the 2106 Firefox Tournament. It was practically love at first sight. The twosome got married in 2017. Ninja and Jghosty’s wedding took place in Lake Villa, Illinois, at the stunning Lehmann Mansion.

JGhosty Manages Ninja

Almost immediately after she started dating Ninja, Jessica quit her job at Plantronics. She focused her time and efforts on running PR and scheduling appearances for Ninja.

As Tyler “Ninja” Blevins told Forbes,

“What I admire most about Jessica’s ability to step into the role of my manager is how flawlessly she did it. She immediately played hard ball with the big boys and acted 10x more professional than I ever could at the time. She was so eager to learn about the space and always was asking for advice from more experienced people and still does. She wants to be the best at what she does and continues to work toward it.” 

As his manager, Jessica runs a tight ship. Her job includes negotiating pay scales and coming up with collaborations for Ninja to join in on. She also manages email and takes care of booking travel. 

One of her latest objectives has been organizing NinjaBattles. These events allow followers to compete and interact with the star in a variety of Fortnite competitions.

JGhosty Games

While she’s always loved gaming, Jessica never really considered herself a gamer. However, her very successful husband ignited the competitive spirit in her. 

Jessica set up an online account known as JGhosty. She entered into a few tournaments for fun, including Super Mario and Pokemon. Her Twitch page has gained a lot of momentum. While her husband earns a cool $6,000,000, Jessica brings in $2,00,000 of her own!

JGhosty Philantrophy 

As you can tell by all the work she did in college, Jessica likes to give back. She is especially fond of animal charities. In fact, Jessica likes to cover veterinarian bills for people who can’t afford the care for their furbabies.

Jghosty likes to post open-ended questions on her Twitter account about people who have sick animals. She has them share their story with her. That way, she can reach out to the vet and cover the expenses. 

Jessica is also a proud supporter of 4ocean. This brand likes to clean plastic out of our water supply. Since plastic is unbiodegradable, they turn it into wearable jewelry.

Each 4ocean bracelet comes in a different color. That color denotes the charity that will receive a portion of net proceeds. 

JGhosty on Men in Gaming

Jessica got a good one. Her and Ninja are still riding cloud 9 with their love relationship. While things have slowed down with COVID, they’re still staying very active on their streams. 

The rise in streaming has opened the door for female gamers. However, the industry is still male-dominated. Jessica says she works overtime to block out the negativity. As someone who isn’t a strong gamer and manages one of the most successful gamers in the world, Jghosty gets a lot of hate comments. She tries to maintain thick skin and spread positivity. 

Jghosty tries to lead by example. By aligning herself and managing Ninja, Jessica hopes to change the perceptions of women and what they can contribute to the world of gaming. 

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